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    Wink sowwy net, i'm afraid i'll be catchin a daylight showin like a sensible person ;)

    but maybe some of the other dawgs here might wanna join you in howling at that midnite moon anyhoo, y'all are welcome 2 show up at the Cont (of course) friday morning like i's plannin (got a prev. obligation thrusday morning ) i got 2 free kid's passes i can't use so anyone i meet's free to use em
    meanwhile, i don't check 5 stores a day like ces (good Gawd, tawk about paintin feet on the snake, taoist hunter vt sed to himself but what scalperfest you tawkin bout, ces? you mean i missed an opportunity to yet again make scalpers my beeyotch? ), but kmart has a buy one ($7) get one 1/2 price basic figure sale i may hit this week, so list here what you seek & i'll keep my legendary eye out, netter
    so where do you guys find out which figs are htf/shortpacked or whatever the term is? i saw luminara, royal guard & others at haggie's applewood walmart & coulda picked em up for someone if i'da known they was htf (didn't want em myself ).
    spekin of, i've too recently experienced not 1 but Three instances of walmart employee unprofessionalism; the only explanation i can see is there must be some kinda jackass-ism virus loose in that company i'm tempted to find the email of the district manager in fort collins & send him a link to this thred so he can view for himself the rampant attitude problems in his yecchy company
    quextion: is snowspeeder or tie bomber exclusive to particular stores, & does either have unique-sculpt figures? tryina find out for my figure-collectin tokyo pal, since jpn don't have walmart or tarZhay
    also: endor soldier? luke? vader? they're releasin new ep 4-6 figs? which ones? and has anyone found a cheap (say, 1/2 price) xtra boshek? been thinkin it over & i might spring for it at that discount for that matter, has anyone Yet sighted r4m9 or fx7 at retail? i'm glad i already got mine (the latter thanx to lowlybanthacleaner)-

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    Hey Vulcantouch,
    The Snow speeder and Bomber are exclusive to Walmart. There is a unique figure, Tie Fighter Pilot, but it is the same unique figure for both of the ships.
    The scalperfest was this "thing" going on at the fairgrounds by Brighton. I only went because my dad is a Hot Wheel collector (the shame of it all) and he asked me to go with him. It happens every May. There were several venders with vintage stuff that they wanted an arm and a leg for. There was one lady selling Count Dookus and the K-mart collectors case.
    As for Walmat, I think they must have cooperate modeling going on that instructs their employees to be rude. Maybe it makes people buy more? :^)

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    Walmart in Highlands Ranch had several of each of the Orn Free Ta wave if you still need em' tey'vegot a few!!!

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    Just got back from the Kohls on West Colfax in Golden. My Wal Mart is so pathetic I had to venture out and it did me good. Kohls had Darth Vader, Bespin Luke (non-blood stump; magnet in hand), Mace Windu, Jango Fett Final Battle. They still have more if anybody want to venture out there. They are $9 a piece but I didn't care. It was more worth it to pay the high price than the spend the time going to friggin WalMart every day looking for figs.

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    Anybody going to the noon showing on Friday at the Continental?

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    I wish i had tix! stupid crappy lines, and selling out, i couldnt get out of school either. o well i will be seeing it sunday, i hope.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Quick run down of my runs today:

    Wal Mart Parker: Tons of Clonetroopers, Luminaras, a few Dookus, and a few Yodas. Also a few Rebel Soldiers hanging behind figures on the pegs so be sure to dig. They also have an endcap with some figures in boxes, but nothing not out on the other shelf.

    Kohls Parker: All the Luke Bepins are gone, DV is still there, Mace Escape is there and Jango Final Battle as well. Slim pickens, looks like it's just one case (sans Luke).

    Target Parker: Collection One, no more, no less.

    Target CR: Collection One, and not even a wide variety. Plus also note that the management has opted to post the sign on the Star Wars isle stating that they WILL NOT go in the back to look for certain figures and they WILL NOT hold figures. Sheesh.

    Didn't have a chance to hit up the Wal Mart CR which sounded like the honey pot, but I found my Dooku so all in all, a successful day.

    Also picked up my tickets for the 12:01 show at the Chinese Theater in Parker, the Netmeister will see you guys there! It's good to be back home for the time being, the runs are so much easier and productive than they are in Los Angeles.

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    I dunno what the $#@! you just said, but you touched a brother's heart.

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    Woah, where have I been? I've been hitting up a lot of stores and finding a lot of Royal Guards, Luminara Unduli, Taun Wen Anakin Hanger Duels and occasional Yodas. I still have yet to find Bsepin Luke and Darth Vader. I should hit up Kohls I guess.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Jay, the Target off Quincey has a few Bespin Vaders left, no Bespin Luke. I think he has turned into the new Count Dooku.


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