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    Thanks ces. I ddint get out there. But I did hit up a few Targets/Wal-Marts yesterday. Found the Jedi vs Sith battle pack. Didnt get it for some reason though I know I will.

    Been trying to hunt down Topps SW 30th Ann. Hobby packs/boxes. Err! Also getting things together for a signing with Mark Hamill.
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    Today at the Westminster WM I got Umpass-Stay, Elis, M'iiyoom, and Luke. They still had a few of the cantina people, but they were on an endcap opposite the normal setup of figures that I almost overlooked.

    The TRU in the area had several of both the TIE Interceptor and Y-wing, both for $35 (even though the Y-wing is $5 cheaper online).

    I still haven't found the Jedi vs. Sith pack. Also wave 5 is apparently showing up so hopefully I'll get it from EE soon.

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    For anyone close to Longmont. The Super WalMart North of town got a bunch of Wave 5 in. I stopped in at lunch. No Mc's but they had a bunch of everthing else. I know of a scalper around Longmont that is always looking for the Mc's. I picked up one of each of the others and a couple of Revans and Maloks for friends.
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    Glad to her of more new figures hitting. I still havnt found anything.

    Apparently I have a HUGE order from Gentle Giant shipping. Woohoo!
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    Nothing new that I have found as of late, which is dissapointing, but I hold out hope... Finally took and posted pictures of my collection, so if you would like to see, go to
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    Havnt found much in stores. I recieved my Jabba and Rebo Band Statues from Gentle Giant. Havnt opened Jabba yet, but the Rebo band is very impressive. Gonna cool it on statues for a while as I have even less space now.
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    Hey, I finally won a raffle on Gentle Giant. I got the Yoda & R2 statue. If I could only get one, that is the one I wanted the most.
    I just got back from Santa Fe. I hit a few Target's and Wal-mart on the way down and they were pitiful. The Wal-mart in Trinidad still had ROTS figures.

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    Woohoo! FINALLY found some new figures at Wal-Mart on Exposition after not having anything new for months. Picked up Nelvann Anakin, Roron, Yoda w/Kybuk, and PreCy Grievous. So sign of Hermi, McVader, or McStarkiller.
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