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    Thanks to ces's tip, I got the Ultimate Battlepacks today at the Westminster Target. They have a ton of them - the Endor sets are above the shelf on the side closer to the door, and the Hoth sets are down on the other end of the aisle (I almost missed them). I also got two of the new comic packs, but they didn't have the Fel/Hobbie one.

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    Picked up Padme, Clone Trooper Training, Voliff Monn, and Evolutions Sandtrooper at TRU on Mississippi. They also had several Destroyer Droids. No sign of the McRebel Trooper though.
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    Nothing of note in stores today. I did recieve the new SW Insider, and recieved my TTM back from artist Ralph McQuarrie. He signed the 2 cards I had sent. Also recieved my Alec Guiness autograph in the mail a few days ago -woohoo!
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    Oh my God! When did this happen?!?!?

    jk, I know. Its an inscribed index card

    "Good wishes
    Alec Guiness
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Hey Jay, I know how you love autograph's. Did you see this auction?

    Wal-mart has the Darth Vader fig with coin pack on clearance for $2. I grabbed ont today alond with 2 slashless battle droids, brown haired imperial officer. At Target I finally found Darth Raven, and Malak. I also found wave 7.5 with the clone trooper, Vanguard Trooper, Hawkback battalion trooper, R2-B1, Pak Bonikik, and red Naboo trooper. Target also had the variation comic packs with Han, Luke and Stormtrooper without the shadowing. No sign of the other Target exclusives. Now I just need The last 3 concept figures and Voolvif Monn. Well and a few army builders and of course the exclusives.

    Oh Jay, this was at the Target across from your job.

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    Wow! I went last night and didnt see anything!

    Yeah I saw that card set on Ebay. Its very nice. Thankfully, I have all the signatures on it but its a great collectible.
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    Target By A-Mall had tons of their battle packs (49.99 a pop) they had a few of the new comic packs, Ani with droid and Rouge Squadron had them with me, but realized i was supposed to get stuff for other people, so i put them back, so they are still there as far as i know...
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    I got the yellow Clone Officer at the Louisville/Superior Kohl's last night. It was priced at $9.99, but there was a computer error and the lady mistakenly entered it at $4.99. Hey, no complaints here.

    I also got the Fel/Hobbie comic pack at the Lafayette WM today. They also had the other two as well as several figures from wave 5 and 6.

    On Black Friday, I saw the Bespin, Hunt For Grievous, and Jedi vs. Darth Sidious Battlepacks but passed on all three.

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    Picked up the AT-RT Battle Pack and the ARC-170 and the ARC-170 pilots and the Tie Bomber at Target today. Target really is the place to be this holiday season.


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