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    2008 Wave 1 and New Comic Packs

    I found remnants of Wave 1 for 2008 at Wal-mart on Parker. They had Gree, Kashyyk Trooper, Tri-droid, Po Nudo, and Panning droid. They're all pretty sweet. I really want to find the 2-1B. Ho looks so superior to the previous release.
    At the Wal-mart off I-70, I forget the street, but it is the one east of airport blvd, they had the new comic packs. I got the Luke one, Stormtrooper disguise, and 2 of the clone commando Super Battle droid sets.

    It looks like things are starting to rev up for the year.

    On a side note, the pictures for the Force Unleashed figures are blacked out on the back of the new figures. Similar to how Han and that wave were last year.

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    UPS just delivered my Real Action Hero: Shocktooper now from

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    I found remnants of the new Legends wave. I only picked up the new pit droid. They stand out easy on the pegs because they have stickers for the new Clone Wars promo.

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    Yesterday I got Obi-Wan and Vader at the Westminster WM and Pax Bonkik at the Westminster Target. Both had quite a few wave 7.5 figures, but I still need the Naboo guy and the McRebel. WM had some of the figures with stands (but no more from wave 1) and Target had some older Legends figures with the Clone Wars mail-in sticker.

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    I picked up all 4 of the new Evolution sets. They are all very nice, but the Fetts and sith lords really stand out.

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    WOOHOO! I was out at Colorado Mills with a friend last night and found the new Evolutions Fett Legacy set! Bought it on the spot.

    Awesome, awesome figures in this yet. It has a Mandalorian, Jango and Boba. The Mandalorian isnt all that great but Jango and Boba are sweet! Both are super-articulated and awesome paint jobs. Jango comes with both blasters, removable helmet and pilot headset. Boba comes with removable helmet, rifle, rear blaster w/ holster. This might have become my favorite Boba figure.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Damn, I want those Evolutions sets.

    Yesterday the Superior Super Target had some new Mighty Muggs -- I think they had one each of Luke and C-3PO (with a slightly damaged box), if anyone wants those.

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    Got my photo and trading card back today from the Wattographs autograph signing with Sandi Finlay (Sly Moore).
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    FINALLY something new in LOVELAND CO. Got 3 of the 4 new evolutions packs (Fetts, Sith, Unleashed) and the lone figure from wave 8 they had, Jango Fett. To a decent hauls, now all i got to do is find the rest of "last years" toys and that last evolutions pack (Jedi) and I will be happy
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    Went to Ft. Collins Wal-Mart today, they had a lone Death Star Trooper on the shelf, I kid you not, they also had one of the Jabba's Band Packs (Dancers) and 2 of the new comic packs I got Mouse/Basso and Lt.Judland/Lt. Shan as well as some of the previous wave...
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man


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