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    Yesterday at the Lafayette WM I got the Jedi Legacy set; they also had Vader's Apprentice and Sith Legacy (no Fetts), Obi-Wan's blue starfighter, and Grievous' Starfighter (in a damaged box). Nice to see some new stuff.

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    I found four of the seven Force Unleashed figures today. The odd thing is that they are the 4 that I would have thought to be the hardest to get. I got the EVO trooper, Imperial Jumptrooper, Maris Brood, and Emperor's shadow guard. I'm suspecting that they must have put out only half the case because it is odd that Juno Eclipse and Rahm Kota would be missing without the others. The Vader is really cool, but I would think who ever took him would also take the troopers. The Parker road walmart had the Galactic hero Millennium Falcon if anyone is interested. Are all of those figures just repacks? They looked like it to me, but I couldn't remember if they made an Empire Han yet.

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    Got my 12" Padme from Sideshow today! Sweet figure!

    Also recieved my Boba Fett Helmet Replica from Master Replicas yesterday. What a great way to finish a company. The detail is phenomanal!
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    At Loveland Wal-Mart (Denver Ave. and HWY 34) got a few 2008 figs (Anikin, Obi Wan, and Po Nuda) as well as the Clone Commando/Super Batlle Droid comic pack. Then headed to Target (also off of HWY 34) scored the Jedi Legacy evolutions pack, they also had a few new Anakins and Po Nudas. Well that's all from the north.
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    Today at the Lafayette WM I got the Jundland and Shan Comic Pack. They had another there as well as two each of the others from that wave, Obi-Wan's blue starfighter, and the white straight-arm pit droids (I passed for now). At the Boulder Target I got the Evolutions mold orange pauldron sandtrooper.

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    Another update - today at the Westminster WM I got 2-1B and they also had a few Obi-Wans, one Fett Evolutions set, and three Jedi sets.

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    The Boulder and Superior Target had the first wave of new figures yesterday. The clones and most of the Droids were cleaned out but I was able to pick up Ani, Obi, Po, and 2-1B. Also, had the new evolution sets, no Fetts but did get Vader's apprentice which is an awesome set.
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    Pretty good day for me.

    Recieved my 12" Palpatine/Sidious from Sideshow today -awesome figures btw. Recieved an autograph success from Daniel Logan as well, signed all my items and included several of his own.

    I got the Fett and Sith Evolutions set a few days ago. Pretty cool figures though, the Boba is my favorite.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Thanks for the tip Jabba, I found the 501st thanks to you and made the rounds down into Westminster. Didn't find much but did pick up the Fett and Sith Legacy at Toys R Us.
    "Not again, Obi Wan is going to kill me."


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