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    Picked up Commander Gree and Kasyyyk Trooper at WM on 34, i think those were the last of them, still had quite a few Anis and Obis, also picked up Naboo Soldier repaint. They had several stormtroop evolutuions and a lone Jedi Legacy pack...
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    i've given up my completist ways, actually it happened quite a while ago. So i only go on a toy run about every 6 weeks. i miss a lot, but i'm not interested in a lot of what gets put out these days. Only recently did i even begin frequenting these haunts again. i'm not really even sure whats new and whats old any longer when i do hit the stores.

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    Target Exclusives

    The Target exclusives are now out. I have to say that the Wookiee battle pack is fairly lame.

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    Has any one seen any of the 501st legend troopers anywhere that have the removable helmets? I know it is late in the game but I would like to find two of them. If any one sees them on their travel or have spotted them somewhere it would be helpful. Thanks!!
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    STARFEST/HORRORFEST/GAMEFEST (How many more fests can you get in there in 29 days?) ANYWAY their guest list doesn't include any Star Wars personalitites , some DECENT Star Trek etc... guests, and HorrorFest, well no one that is really impressive, I will still be going, but i suppose it won't be quite as good for me this year, oh well, keep on supporting it, and perhaps next year we'll get some SW guests. Nothing new to report from around here, stores have the same stuff out, legends, the Peg Warmers from 2008 wave 1 (ani,boi, po nudo) and lots of out dated comic packs, and TONS of the new evolutions
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    Boulder Target today had the Kashyyyk Battle Packs and Aayla Starfighters on an endcap near the figures; I got the BP but passed on the ship for now. The WM in Westminster off of 136th (I think) had the Mustafar Panning Droid but I got the only one.

    I've been seeing more and more 501st guys lately, but I'm pretty sure they're all the SA mold. The Flatiron Crossing WM had a whole bunch of them, but no other new figures, which I thought was odd.
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    I haven't seen a 501st with a removable helmet in a long time. I think the only ones shipping now are the SA models.

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    well dark marble,i have a couple extra of the 501st with removable helmets if you need them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by x13squadleader View Post
    well dark marble,i have a couple extra of the 501st with removable helmets if you need them.
    Hey Squadleader, sent you a PM!
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    Havnt seen much in stores. Picked up a few Force unleashed figs (Vader and the officer chick) but I'm stopping there.

    I got a whole lotta autograph projects going on though -aie!

    My GG Han Solo Statue is scheduled to arrive today.
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