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    Stupid avatar, i think only AOL users can see it because i was on a dell today with Internet Explorer, and it was just an X in a square... It is cool though, i think! maybe i should just change it at scool so we can all see it. Oh i got the LEGO Slave 1 for 24.88 at Target on Alameda, they also had the bespin wave...except luke, im sure that scum at all c's had something to do with that...
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    Hey mrhat. I'm not on AOL and I can see it, it is the last thing to load on the page.

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    Heh, found two Dexter's at the King Soopers in Stroh Ranch today. Go figure, go in for deodorant... Target in Parker had many Clone Trooper 12 inches this morning, as well as several Dookus and Anakin HDs so if you still need those. Wal Mart Parker had a dozen Royal Guards, Luminara wave everywhere. Still no sign of Palpatine.

    I actually think that I'm done until the Geonosis Arena set comes out. I've got pretty much all the figs that I wanted. Once I get the arena then I'll stock up on the Jedi figs and the Battle Droids, so on. I'm figuring that things will start hitting the sale prices in a month or so anyway!

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    I FINALLY found Orn Free Ta after a while of searching, i wen to Wal-Mart on albaline and they had a bunch of those Rebel Soldiers the Endor Ones, and the Qui-Gon, I was thinking, hmm if these 2 are here, where the heck is Orn and the Massiff, well after 20 mintues i stumbled upon one in the Doll asile on the top shelf behind a horse thing. Now all i need is that massiff and soon enough that Palpatine, Djas, Han, Chewey, Obi, and Deluxe ani and Deluxe Nexu, and the Acklay.... Hasbro has gone mad! over half of them are out, NOW, takes the fun out of waiting, of course im kidding, keep em coming Hasbro, keep the truckloads coming!
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    HOORAY!!! Went to the Walmart in Commerce City around 11:00 pm on Sunday night. and found the new Chancellor Palpatine/Djas Puhr wave!!! There were plenty there after I got my few, they had about 11 cases (literally) worth, so head there now and you will succeed. Still no Chewbacca/Han/Obi-wan wave nor the new deluxe figures, but my buddy found them in Nevada so I guarantee the will be here this week. THESE FIGURES KICK ***!!!
    Happy hunting to all!!!

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    Hey Sithlorddarthbane, thank you. I was able to score the Palpatine figure. Djas Puhr was already sold out by 10:20 AM. I got the last Palpatine which was rather damaged, but I was happy to get it still. They still had plenty of the Endor Rebel Soldiers and Qui-Gons if anyone is still looking for those figures. No Orn Free Taa or Massiff which are suppose to be in this same case. The Walmart on Abeline did not have anything as of 11:00 AM.

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    I got the Massiff at Evergreen Wal-Mart, no Djas or Deluxe yet... good to hear its been seen here though! Soon i will have them, well hopefully actually.
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    At TRU today, they had the Bespin Wave and Count Dooku wave. Pretty picked over, but in the back, where the figures use to be they had a bin full of goodies such as Bespin Luke and Dooku.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm not from Colorado so I don't visit this thread, but I have some just found news for ya. I went to Mesa Verde this weekend and stopped off at the WM supercenter in Cortez. They had a crapload of TIE Bombers and snowspeeders. I've never seen so many in one place at one time. They must have zero collectors or scalpers there.

    I also found an R2-Q5 there. Funny thing, it scanned as "RD-D2 PAINTED BLACK."
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    Hey, if anyone need the Massiff, Orn Free Taa, Endor Soldier, Yoda, or COunt Dooku, the Target off Buckley has them. The Walmart on Abilene really needs to restock.


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