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    Saw the newest wave of Star Wars Mighty Muggs (Yoda, Emperor, Bespin Luke, General Grievous) at Wal-Mart off of tower Road in Green Valley Ranch picked up the yoda, the others were still there when I left, saw "the Thing" from the marvel Line of MM, looking for Dr. Doom, but to no avail.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Target Rancor

    Ho comprato un Rancor il negozio Target in Lafayette oggi

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    Found the Dr. Doom Mighty Mugg at Wal-Mart off of Eisenhower and Denver Ave. they had the entire new wave (capt. America, Hulk, Thing, Dr. Doom) and yesterday I won a contest from KBPI for a free digital copy of the new Disturbed album. The new album is pretty d@mn cool.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    I got the white TIE Fighter and STAP Attack pack at a TRU in Minnesota. At least I got to use my Hasbro Play Rewards check.

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    picked up the huge rancor at Target. Thing is certainly more impressive than the one i remember from my youth and getting much closer to scale.

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    Battle Pack-Mygeeto

    I found the battle of Mygeeto battle pack at three separte Targets today thorughout the metro area. Several of them still had the Rancor. Also finally found the Kir Kanos varient/re-released comic pack with new helmets.

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    I, too, found the Mygeeto pack and Crimson Empire comic pack at the Huron Target today. They still had one of each and two Battle Rancors.

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    *yawn* found all the new battlepacks and the Rancor also. Havnt pickd up anything at all though. Guess Hasbro has to work a little harder for my money these days.

    Got some great SW autographs in the mail though. Got successes from Dave Prowse and Clive Revill. I sent each of them a photo and index card -all came back signed and dedicated. Funny, I got Vader and the Emperor both in the same week.
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    Doing a little house sitting this weekend at my rents house in Denver, decided to check out the Northfield Target, to (finally) pick up the Battle Rancor with rider. They had one left, so I took it to the check out, and it rang up at $6.64... the clerk looked suprised for a second, and shook it off, saying simply it must be on clearance. I walked out, the security guard checked my reciept, and I went on my way. SO the question is this, is the less than 2 month released figure already on clearence, or is this particular Target putting the prices in wrong... Either way for the price of a 3 3/4" figure I picked up a Battle Rancor...

    *UPDATE* I typed the PLU code from the reciept into and found that it's the PLU for the "Sage Legends" line. Upon further examination of my Rancor Box I realized a sticker had been placed (rather well wonder if Target is already marking these down) over the orignal Barcode...
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    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man


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