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    Quote Originally Posted by mrhat View Post
    Doing a little house sitting this weekend at my rents house in Denver, decided to check out the Northfield Target, to (finally) pick up the Battle Rancor with rider. They had one left, so I took it to the check out, and it rang up at $6.64... the clerk looked suprised for a second, and shook it off, saying simply it must be on clearance. I walked out, the security guard checked my reciept, and I went on my way. SO the question is this, is the less than 2 month released figure already on clearence, or is this particular Target putting the prices in wrong... Either way for the price of a 3 3/4" figure I picked up a Battle Rancor...

    *UPDATE* I typed the PLU code from the reciept into and found that it's the PLU for the "Sage Legends" line. Upon further examination of my Rancor Box I realized a sticker had been placed (rather well wonder if Target is already marking these down) over the orignal Barcode...
    I don't know if this is the case but some people will make copies of barcodes from different lesser priced items and put them over the barcode of another item to get it cheaper.

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    I was thinking that, I'll have to go fetch the box and look at the sticker quality. On the other hand, if someone had gone through all the trouble to slip a basic figure sticker on the Battle Rancor then leave it at the store, what was the point?
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    I picked up the new Wal-mart exclusive comic packs. Well the 2 crappy ones. Someone bought all of the wookiee clone trooper sets. They had several of the Lando and E3 packs left at the Wal-mart on Parker and Chambers. I have not seen the Droid factory sets yet.

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    I found all 6 of the droid factory figures today at my locl Wla-mart. They were on an end cap by the Star Wars section. They had 6 of each figure.

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    Today at the Thornton WM I got all six Droid Factory sets and two of the comic packs (there were no Wookiee/clone sets). I almost didn't see the Droid Factory sets, but a lady noticed the comic packs and asked if I was looking for Star Wars stuff and showed me the palate of sets she was about to put on the shelf. Since I was taking six and thinking about getting a cart, she just gave me one of the displays, which I thought was pretty cool.
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    Seen the new Droid Factory sets a few times. Nice repaints but I'll pass.

    Got an autograph success today from Ewan McGregor! The photo I sent was returned unsigned but included with it was a new agency photo SIGNED!
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    Multiple Targets are having huge Star Wars clearances getting ready for 07/26. They have marked down the Order 66 packs to $4.98; I picked up an extra Tsui and clone. They have also marked the Rancor down to $19.98!

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    According to TRU's list, these Colorado stores will be having a midnight madness sale:

    ENGLEWOOD 9505 E. County Line Rd., Englewood, CO 80112 CO
    WESTMINSTER 5650 West 88th Ave., Westminster, CO 80030 CO
    COLORADO SPRINGS 3730 N. Citadel Dr. , Colorado Springs, CO 80909 CO

    I'll be going to the Westminster one if my work schedule works with it. It should be fun!

    I've also seen sales at a few Targets, but it's mostly Moff Jerjerrods and Imperial Officers at this point. The Flatiron Crossing Wal-Mart moved most of its SW figures to the clearance aisle and they were on pegs that said either $3 or $5, but the pegs didn't say "Star Wars" or anything similar so your mileage may vary. It was a lot of shirtless Anakins and whatnot, but they did have some sandtroopers.
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    The WM off of Huron (I forget the exact address) today had all their SW figures on clearance for $5 in the clearance aisle. They also had tons of the Lando/Stormtrooper and Anakin/Dooku comic packs for $5 each, but no Wookiee/Clone sets. I got an AOTC Clone, Hawkbat Clone, and Biker Scout, since eh, what the hell.
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    Triple post, I must be going for a record here . . .

    Yesterday and today I was in Nebraska, and my grandpa told me about an antiques/collectibles store. My family and I went there on the way home and I got an extra Rebel Honor Guard for $4 and a VHS of "The Making of Star Wars" that was apparently some kind of promo back in 1995, with footage from 1977 and a different voice-over. Pretty cool. I also finally got the Wookiee and Kashyyyk Trooper set at the WM in North Platte, so if you want it, just go drive a few hours.

    Now July 26 is just three weeks away. Is anyone else going to a midnight madness sale?
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