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    i'd got to Park Meadows and hit the nearby WM on my way home. Target will have to wait until after i get off work on Saturday when i'll also be stopping by Border's to pick up the new book.

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    Oh I forgot to post that I got my Captain Rex and 12 inch Aayla Secura in the mail yesterday. Both are really cool. Does anyone know, besides accessories are there any real differences between the regular Rex and the mail away figure?

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    Another difference is their paint scheme - mail-away Rex is "clean" while in-store Rex has a dirty wash. And then the cardback, of course.
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    Got my Captian Rex in the mail today, I'm glad someone knows what the differences between the mail-away and retail versions are. There are no "midnight madness" events anywhere I am willing to drive tonight, so I am setting off early tomorrow to get to Target at 8 a.m. Does anyone know what Wal-Mart is doing, are they going to have the stuff set out at midnight or what? (both Wal-Marts in my area are 24 hours)
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    That is a good question, and I have no idea if wallyworld is doing anything. The one in my neck of the woods really isn't collector friendly. It sure would be cool to get my falcon early...
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    Just stopped by Wal-Mart to get some listerine, headed to the toy asile, they finally had their exclusive comic packs, and Droid factory sets out. I asked Vic i think was his name and their new SW toys are going out at Midnight, no event specifically they are basically running it like with new DVD's when it becomes the 26th its fair game.they cleared all their pegs of the plethera of 2007 (2006!) toys and had 12 pegs for the new stuff, I didn't see their free standing display, but I assume that goes out at midnight as well. Not worrying too much about everything just their 501st exclusive and maybe yarna, then at Target hopefully they will put out Commander Fox tomorrow, and not wait til sunday as some have reported. Well to anyone who is braving the fandom, good luck and happy hunting.

    as for midnight madness eperiences in the past, I went to Wal-Mart and Target for Episode 3 launch, and everyone was friendly and helped eachother out, I had my partner in crime standing back ready to catch things in the cart for me. I guess thisll be the first time I run into Star Wars collectors up here, so we'll see who I meet...
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    So just got back from the basically deserted Wal-Mart, sans one other midnight madness person and his son. Down to the point, the employee was still setting stuff out, and the big ol' displays werent yet set up, however I wasn't concerned with the clone wars line as of this point since i figure they will be around for a while. now before I finish this story let me explain what I was out to get at wal-mart. I was out to get the Padme evolutions the first rebel pilots pack yarna and bane malar. cool enough i suppose. OK now then the funny part of the story, they actually had wave 2 of the legacy collection (all 8 non animated clone wars based ones) so ended up with those too, so for any wild enough to venture out tomorrow there are additions to the list. OH and the second rebel pilot legacy and imperial pilot legacy evolutions sets are also out, the cases are weird... one case had one padmea one of the 2nd rebel pilots one imperial pilots and one fett set. The case I opened had 3 fetts and one padme, the last case had 2 of the first rebel pilots a sith and fett sets. The other collector and his sone got at the second pilot and imp[erial pilot sets first, but I won't fret theres always target tomorrow.
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    Alright my FINAL midnight/ 8 a.m. madness report. So I got about 3 hours of sleep from when I got home til when I woke up to get to target (energy drinks are my best friend) got to target about 15 minutes before they opened, so stood out front with a soda counting down to a, right around the time the store opened some other colelctors showed up to get their new SW booty. NOW the following does not neccisarily apply to all Target stores. The employees were still unpacking toys, I even helped them figure out where stuff went, so anyway hoping to get my grubby hands on my 2 remaining evolutions packs and their commander FOX figure patiently waited for them to get out of the way, which I didn't actually have to de since the only 2 evolutions packs they had were rebel pilots #1 and the fett legacy (tons of both) barely any of Legends series one, more series 2 than anything, this leads me to believe that an employee claimed the desired packs from him/herself, they had the FOX figures out, 3 pegs on the end cap, grabbed one of those and r2-d2 mr potato head since I had never been able to find it before. They had pegs for the comic packs, but as I looked at their pallets I realized they didn't have them there (on the floor) now the other part of my Wal-Mart story revolves around comic packs (asajj ventress/tol skorr and Anikin/durge) which looking back were likely in a box at wal-mart marked expanded universe comic packs... stopped by there after target and it seemed as if 4 comic packs were off shelf (row wasn't full as the rest were) so I missed out on those for the time being. I ordered the senate security clone from starwarsshop this morning, so I am satisfied with the exclusives I've been able to get my hands on, missed holographic grievous due to my lack of drive to get myself all the way to colorado springs TRU. Well I think i am either extremely tired and may pass out or the kind of tired where I can't sleep... Til next time good luck and happy hunting!

    OH almost forgot, Now as you may all remember from 1999 when the first run of queen amidala in the red dress had no coloration where her underpants would be (the first ones to come out didn't have paint, laters runs had panties painted on) so I opened up my Padme evolutions set, and low and behold the episode 3 padme has no panties on, and doesnt stand to save herself either, so if you spot this set, might want to pick it up, before they change it...
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    Party Padme, eh?
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    picked up the TRU exclusives. picked up everything else i wanted from target. the 2 WM stores i went to around noon had NO new star wars out anywhere. talked to a toy emp at one of the stores. she said they'd probably be putting them out on monday when they finally got around to doing the toy aisle resets. talk about being behind the times.

    TRU and target were both pretty well picked over, but i managed to find pretty much everything (except comic packs, which i didn't see anywhere i went)


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