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    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai View Post
    Party Padme, eh?
    Exactly, they like to do that to Padme' first the episode one figure, then force unleashed nipple action and now pregnant padme with no panties... someone is having too much fun over at hasbro
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    I did pretty well today. I got the Holo Grievous at the Aurora TRU. They had 2 cases worth, so probably 24 figures. They still may have some for those who are interested. I was interested to see that not many people were out grabbing Star Wars. I think it has more to do about the state of the economy, but also many people don't seem that excited currently about it. I Still need to grab a Falcon. It was just so much, and I had already spent a ton. I was hoping to see if anyone would have any deals on it. Likely will pick up later this week. I'm sure it is not going to be too hard to grab given the cost.

    On a side, the Aurora TRU also had the B-Wings in stock, which I didn't think were going to be out until October. The only other thing that I'm looking for is the evolution Rebel troopers with the Twiliek.

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    I ordered the rebel pilots with the twilek from Toys R when I got home from target, they apparently sold them out already, but they did have them listed, so good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrhat View Post
    Exactly, they like to do that to Padme' first the episode one figure, then force unleashed nipple action and now pregnant padme with no panties... someone is having too much fun over at hasbro
    Yeah, and Wedding Padme has a garter sculpted onto one leg. They even painted it white! Plus there's the new Vagina Playset with Tatooine Skiff and figures.
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    Reposted from the "good luck tonight" thread:

    I went out Friday night and it was awesome! After dropping off two other friends after seeing The Dark Knight (which was fantastic), my other friend and I went home, got my mom (she likes these "events" as much as I do), and went to the Westminster TRU, getting there about 10:40 or so. There were about 25-30 people in line ahead of us, and a guy was walking around and telling everyone that there were only 24 Grievouses, and already 24 people in line, so don't get your hopes up. I figured, eh, whatever, hopefully I'd get him online in a few years. A lady came out and started handing out tickets for Holo Grievous, though, and we got the last one! That was pretty cool. She also told everyone that we were limited to 12 items at any given pricepoint (12 figures, 12 $20 items, etc.). By midnight, there were at least 30 more people in line behind us. There were also guys dressed up like a sandtrooper, AOTC clone, Bacara, and Rex, which was cool.

    When we finally got in, I grabbed a Falcon and put it in the cart, which my mom guarded. I went up to the figures with a crapload of other people and started getting some, and my friend held them as I looked for more. I was glad that the figures were only $6.99. I was extremely surprised to see the B-wing, which I didn't get. I also didn't get the AT-TE there, but got a lot of other stuff. They had a few Fett sets, but Boba's damn logo was still missing, so that sucked. The pegs were pretty much completely empty save for a few crappy Legends figures, but even those sold surprisingly well. The total there was around $320.

    We then went to the nearby 24-hour WM, which some of the people from TRU decided to do as well. I got a few more figures, an Evolutions set, and caved and bought the AT-TE (I was waiting to get it at Target, but my friend said I should, and it was just too damn awesome). We then had the world's saltiest fries from the McDonald's in the store. I spent around $200 there.

    I then got home and went to sleep since I was tired as nuts. It took nearly a day to open everything I got, but here's the list:
    *Millennium Falcon (first item bought and opened - just amazing)
    *Legacy wave 1 - every figure
    *Legacy wave 2 - IG Lancer Droid, Obi-Wan, Mon Calamari Warrior
    *Clone Wars - all but Yoda and Rex (I got the mail-away Rex earlier in the day but he was nowhere to be seen that night . . .)
    *Legends Super Battle Droid (looks great but the right leg joint is terribly loose)
    *Rebel Pilot Series II Evolutions (didn't realize it was the second one until I got home)
    *Padmé Evolutions
    *Sith Legacy Revolutions (repack, I missed it the first time)
    *Homing Spider Droid
    *V-19 Torrent Starfighter

    It's a shame Target's figures are a dollar more than WM and TRU, but that's pretty much how it was for ROTS, too. I expected to spend around $800, but $520 in one night is pretty good. All in all, it was really fun and I'm really glad I went.

    Update - today at the Superior Target, I got Commander Fox, who was on the endcap by the wall. It didn't look like they were even carrying the Falcon . . . did you get yours, Dark Marble? Then at the Lafayette WM, I got the rest of the animated figures and wave 2 (except the quad cannon clone) as well as the Imperial Pilots and corrected Fett Legacy sets. They still had their TSC/TAC figures at full price; the figures were on a display in the middle of the toy section and they still had several Falcons and AT-TEs. So today I spent another $90 or so.
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    Nice Haul Jabba!

    In the system all of the Targets in about a 50 mile radius only got 2 of the Falcon. I was at Superior yesterday and did not see any in back so I am guessing they were sold. I got mine at the Boulder Target as one of the employees was just putting some stuff out around 9:00. I skipped everything else as I don't know if I will keep collecting or if I do what I will pick up. It is getting to expensive!
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    So i'm at my parents house for the night, we're going to Wisconsin tomorrow for the family reunion, putting all my SW stuff away, getting awfully crowded in the clone/stormtrooper shelf. Anyway saw the Toys R Us ad laying on top of the recycling pile with the ever popular holographic general grivous on the front, I noticed a nice number under it for online retrieval, so I typed the number in, and nothing happened... So I looked at the online version of the same ad, clicked on the grievous, and it is still availible online for thsoe not brave/lucky enough to have gone to get one, they are running the free with 30 dollar purchase or get it outright for $9.99 (plus shipping of course) so there is another option for anyone out there (myself included) who didn't get one of these yet.
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    Picked up Gargan and the Ewok w/ wokling. Not interested in any of the others. Could care less about the CW figs. The Rebel Pilots and Padme evolutions look cool but dont seem to do it I guess. I found all the Exclusives several times each - not as big as people were expecting methinks. The Quarren and Mon Cal figures look cool though. I really like the droid parts the wave comes with -finally Hasbro using the old bean.

    Still looking for the Last Crusade wave of Indy figures.
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    I found and picked up the new Durge, and Asajj Comic packs today. They're really cool. Also found the Hoth Patrol battle pack. I like how muted the colors are. It seems almost black and white and reminds one of a really cold and bleak winter's day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    Reposted from the "good luck tonight" thread:

    It's a shame Target's figures are a dollar more than WM and TRU, but that's pretty much how it was for ROTS, too....
    My local target has already dropped the price of the figures to 6.99
    I am in SE MI.


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