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    Today at the Lafayette WM, they had several Imperial Engineers and older figures with RA-7 parts (Obi-Wan, quad cannon Clone Trooper, EVO Trooper) in high quantities, meaning they had at least a few cases of wave 3 recently. And I missed it again.

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    i'm still hoping to see a straggler scuba trooper. otherwise i'm ready for wave 3 (in fact of found over half of it already).

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    found all 4 of the newest clone wars figures, although i passed on the SBD - just don't like them. also found the GH CS dewback & vader TIE.

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    t Got a set of CW wave 2 at target today, as well as Jodo Kast and imperial Enigineer, forgot to get something so i headed back after work, and all the asokas were gone (they had 4 earlier that day), so some new stuff is finally showing itself up here in Loveland
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    found the rest of legacy collection wave 3, the had evan piell/yaddle and the red insigniad troop out, and a helpful employee asked if i was missing anything and I said the count dooku and the grey clone troop, and he went to the stock room and got them for me, which was really cool, they had also restocked the Star Wars Legacy comic packs and the marvel ones as well, still never got the Clone Wars ones that came out when the new collections came out, but is till hold out hope.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    I got back from vacation 2 days ago. While I was away I was able to score an Ahsoka Tano. Neat looking figure too.

    Also got an autograph success in the mail from Terence Stamp! Made my week for sure.
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    I got all of Clone Wars wave 2 and the Saleucami Clone Trooper today at the Lafayette WM. They still had more of the CW figures (as well as those "clean" clones) and some Imperial Engineers and Holo Dookus. The CW figures were also at the Superior Target.

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    I found the Galactic Heroes Battle packs, Dagobah and Sarlac pit at Wal-mart while looking for the new exclusive ships. Finally found Comander Cody at Target.

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    I got the A-wing at the Wal-Mart off of Huron (near I-25). They had several left, as well as a few gunships. The Huron Target had one Coruscant Landing Platform clone, which I got. They also had a few of those Indiana Jones battle packs at the front; I think I will get the KOTCS and ROTLA ones, as they were only $16 each.


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