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    Man I havent seen any clearances here at Target. Will be in one today after work. Will check it out.
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    I picked up a clearance Imperial Pilots set at Target thanks to Jay. I swung by Wal-mart and got the whole set of the AOTC wave of figures. They have several army builders if you want to build extra of the droid, but unfortunately the torso is only available with Beru and Jango as far as I could tell and the head with Obi and old Anakin. I really don't want extras of any of those characters.

    I still have not seen the newest ships or the deluxe 2 packs.

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    Any Colorado Springs or Pueblo collectors here??
    Gonna be back from Iraq in August and was wondering if anyone else was out there.
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    saw the fighter tank today at target. started to get a little worried with the red packaging showing up with GH, ships and legends that i'll never see the ANH wave and beyond.

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    Teamrico, I think most people hear are in the Denver metro area. I know that Rebelscum has a specific thread for Colorado Springs. THe one thing that I have found though is that things tend to hit the state all at once, so if you are watching one thread in the area and stuff shows up, it is generally hitting in your area too.

    I saw the Repainted Anakin ship, Obi, and Droid fighters in the new packaging, but not the Tank. I did see the the Legacy in new packaging this weekend. I don't collect them because they are all repacks. Hasbrotoyshop still has several of the AOTC wave on-line for those who are nervous about the last wave being spotty.

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    It seems to me, ces, that things hit your area a while before they hit mine . . . basic figures, at least. The ships and Battle Packs are more even, I think.

    I have also been seeing the ships in the new packaging, but still no tank. It seems like more and more Targets are getting the Rancor; the Westminster one has one each of the light and dark ones. Hopefully those sell through so we can have room for the Turbo Tank soon.
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    Yeah about me and Rebelscum.....
    Im banned like Jar Jar over at that site!!!
    Why, because I defended a post of a member that a MOD made against a sellers post. YES A MOD made a uncalled for remark about a seller who I knew and then he got in a war of words with me and posted PRIVATE MESSAGES we exchanged over it, he changed the story and reported it to the webmaster and when I pleaded my case to him and explained exactly what happened he sided with his friend!!
    I had been member 500 or something low and had been with the site for years and I got banned!!! F them.
    I did tons of sales, trades and purchases from memebers and no complaints, only positive feedback but I guess you cant fight the god ol' boy system.
    Anyway, I like heading up to Denver and hitting up the stores when I can, but only if Im in Denver anyway. That city is to big to be running around. Your Toys R Us is like the one COS, depleted most times and the only guy who scores is my 5 year old because he likes any kind of toy!! HAHAHAHA
    I usually have good luck late at night in the Fountain Wlamart when they are stocking the shelves. Not as fun as stumbling on a good find on the pegs kinda like shooting fish in a barrel when the old ladies cut the boxes open for you! hey Im not a scalper, I only get one of what I want or need then leave the rest.....for the scalper trash who leave the pegs full of warmers.
    I cant wait to get back to the states next month. Wifes been doing a good job keeping up the figures while Im gone. My son know which figure go into "The Collection" and which ones he like to buy to play with.
    Well, if any COS collectors show up drop me a line.
    Tried to start a collectors club but nobody seemed interested. I was a founding member of the Kentucky SW Collectors Club( and it was great but I cant drum up the interest yet.
    Anyway. I will be around. Look me up if your down south.
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    At last, I got the Republic Fighter Tank. My mom found it when she went to the Lafayette Walmart early this morning. Apparently you have to be up before 8:00 am if you want to find anything anymore.
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    I am seeing the rancor around more and more too. I think I will be picking that one up in the next few weeks. The only figures I need to find right now are the wave 7 concept Ani and Obi and i will be caught up.
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    Found Capt. Typho and Obi-Wan from the AOTC wave at target, nothing else of note, and getting there at opening is probobly the best way of finding things anywhere, the walmart down the road is quite a different story, they have their pegs clogged with the live action CW wave from last year, a lot of the ROTS wave of last year and random figs from the ANH wave...they really need to clearance that crap...
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