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    Found the rest of the AOTC wave at Target this afternoon, it seemed they had just put them out, they had several of each left, The concept Ani had a blue saber, is this going to turn into another Chancellor Palpatine ala Episode 3? (blue saber on initial release, corrected red saber in later waves)
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    Finally picked up a Republic Fighter Tank. I also found 2 new Battle packs. The Ambush on the Vulture Claw and the Geonosis Assault. I got them at the Church Ranch Target on my way home from work. I hit 3 other Target;s on my way home hoping to find another Geonosis assault, but didn't find anything else new. The Assault one is the pack with the Gunner station in it.

    That is a ton of new stuff starting to hit.
    1) Battle Packs
    2) 2 new clone war waves
    3) New galactic heroes
    4) Deluxe wave
    5) ARC Fighter

    Anything else?

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    I'm in San Francisco for a few days and I found six of the new Clone Wars figures yesterday, so they're indeed out there. It just might take a while longer for them to get back to good old Colorado.
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    I found new clone wars figures today at my local Target. Interestingly they were wave 8. I thought maybe I had missed some, but I checked on Entertainment Earth on the firgures I got and it looks like they were all from wave 8. I got Anakin, Ahsoka, Cad Bane, Denal, Gree, and Mace. The rest were all repacks. From reports I have heard from the West Coast, it is waves 6 and 7 hitting. So I guess that means that there are three waves now to be on the lookout for.

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    ces, the only new figures I don't have are the ones you found! I got six in San Francisco and four in Sparks, Nevada, both at Targets.
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    I found most of the rest today at Target. Now I am just missing Space Obi-wan, 4A-7, and Whorm Loathsom.

    If you wanted all the repacks too that is 23 figures released in the past week. I don't know if that slide was incorrect from the Hasbro Comic Con Panel, but if it is right, they are releasing the rest of the years Clone War Figures in the next month. For a grand total of 37 figures in a months time. I will be hard to keep them all straight. I hate when they have several really slow months and release a ton of figures at once.

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    I got all five Droid Factory sets at the Westminster Walmart today; they rang up at a little over $92 for all five, so you might want to think about them. They also had some of the AOTC wave, and some of the new Clone Wars figures. The Westminster TRU restocked a Falcon and had some of the new Uncle Milton science stuff but nothing else new.
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    I found the Droid Factory sets at Wal-mart too. I didn't look at the price in the aisle and almost died when I rang them up. I cannot believe how expensive they are for 2 repainted figures and a piece of another figure. The protocol Droids with Maul and Fett are really nice though.

    Oh I forgot, has the Luke x-wing up
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    I found the Droid sets also at Wal-Mart. I thought the shelf price was $10-something. I got the X-wing pilot/green R2 set. But I didnt think it was that much. Saw the new CW figures like Gree, Yularen, Jawas etc. But passed on them.
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    i've got my GH in storage currently. are the new packages new figures or just repacks? i know they've got clear sabers now, but aside from that they all look very familiar.


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