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    I got Malakili at the Huron Target today. It's frustrating, as I was just there on Sunday, so they got the whole wave and sold it out since then. He was the only Droid Factory figure there. The nearby Walmart was full of Legends and Clone Wars, and they had a repacked Dooku, meaning I also missed some new stuff there.

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    Apparently my mom got more of the ROTJ wave at the Superior Target yesterday, including the Ugnaught. So, now I'm set on all of the figures except for one, but she won't say which . . . at least I'll be able to get some figures for my birthday in a month.

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    I found remnants of the ANH wave at TRU's They only had the Jawa and security droid left. I don't know if this is true, but an employee told me that they had both the ANH and ROTS waves there. That would mean another 14 figures are out there.

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    I found the grey Ugnaught a few days ago at Super Target by the Town Center in Aurora. He was just sitting there with the leftover Jedi wave. Still no sign of Slave Leia for me.
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    Found the entire ROTJ wave at Target this evening, as well as a couple Grey Ugnauts, they had a few duplicates of the wave, but mostly not, slave leia is probly the figure to find in this wave.
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    picked up Leia @ Target to complete my ROTJ wave. New stuff is finally here. Happy days.

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    The Target in Denver on Virginia Ave. had a lot of the ROTJ wave, but no Ewoks and only one Luke, which I got. I might keep it carded for a few days and keep looking for one with better paint on his hairline, since it's pretty bad.

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    My local Target had what looked to be three cases of the ROTJ wave out today. I picked up an extra Ugnaught. They also had a new clone waves set that reportedly was released in September, but this is the first time I have seen it. It is the wave with Captain Argyus, Luminara, AAT Battle droid and Commander Thire. I had already gotten this wave on-line, so I didn't grab them. They were still there at 6PM at the Target on Gartrell and E-470

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    Between the Westminster and Superior Super Targets I was able to get the entire ROTJ wave and the Ugnaught. There is some great detail on these figures, I am impressed!
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    The Westminster TRU had some of the ROTS wave today, and I got Plo, Agen, Colton, and the Utai. They also had the repacked Han and R2-D2 from the ANH wave, which I hadn't seen before but passed on until I can find them with their original droid parts. No Cody or IG-88 yet, but there were a few of the other repacks, including the Ewoks and Commander Bacara.

    The Arvada Target had the Dooku speeder bike and Ziro's Assassin Droid, so I got those. One of the Dooku sets remains there.


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