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    The third comic pack that was suppose to be a Wal-mart exclusive is now in stock at entertainment earth. I have also heard several reports that the final wave of comic packs is hitting Targets across the country and the third 2010 wave of Clone Wars figures is hitting Wal-marts.

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    Found the new Clone Wars figures at Wal-Mart on Parker & Chambers. It includes Artic Rex, Artic Anakin, Artic Obi-Wan and the Fire Battle Droid. They had 1 of each, but I passed on them all.

    Anybody going to StarFest this year? Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar) is going this year courtosy of!
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    I got TX-20 yesterday at the Broomfield Target, who was the only new figure I found after visiting several stores that day. The Huron Target has the little gray sticker on the comic packs peg, meaning they're coming in soon, but they're not in yet.

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    Found Arctic Anakin and the TK-20 at target in loveland, about the only new things as of late, I'm going to starfest this year, and the guest list is pretty good, and it has Tim Rose on the docket, so bonus!
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    I got arctic Anakin, Sidious, and Thi-Sen at the Target on Colorado (somewhere around Denver). They also had TX-20, and so did the Superior Target. Both stores also had comic packs that indicated they had gotten in the final wave but sold out of the new ones.

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    Today at the Flatirons Crossing Walmart I got arctic Obi-Wan, Firefighter Droid, and Commander Bly, all for the lovely price of $6. I also got a second Gungan Warrior at the Westminster Walmart.

    Now, the only figures I need are Commander Stone, Magnaguard, and arctic Rex. Still looking for the AT-RT, Cody with speeder, and the comic packs.

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    Thanks to Jabba John, I got Artic Obi and the Fire battle droid too today. No sign of Artic Rex or Guard. I also have not found the new wave of comic figures other than Wal-mart and the EE exclusive.

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    Found 2 of the last wave of comic packs at Target at Northfield, I picked up shadow (more of a midnight blue) stormtooper with black hole holo, and the sunflower toned clone troopers, also picked up the WM exclusives today at the tower road location, they had plenty of both
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    glad you guys are finding new product. on my side of town still haven't seen any evidence of anything new (no CW waves, comic packs, GH or even the ESB wave) - i love living in the star wars void of denver.

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    The ESB wave keeps coming in; I've seen the original assortment at a few Targets lately and the revision at a few Walmarts. At the Lafayette Walmart I picked up yet another Snowtrooper and Stormtrooper for $6 each, both of which had HK-50 parts indicating they had shipped with the ESB wave. So it's still coming in, just three months late.


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