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    I have no idea why they rung up at 2 for 1, I tried to think about what it could've been, but I have no definite answer to that. And to be honest the packs are chock full of repaints/retools, except PROXY and Rahm Kota's Militia Elite. The Felucian Warrior is the same as the rancor pack in from Target but now it's blue, and it's bone sword is now bone color, Imperial Jumptrooper and Imprereal EVO Trooper are just repainted, The
    Shadow Stormtroopers in phasing armore, are EXACTLY the same in both packs although I do recall there were supposed to be 2 different phases, but alas they must've changed that, Juno Eclipse is a slight re-tool of the original, now with open coat, and the 2 Galen Mareks (Secret Apprentice) the one in pack 1 had a Jango Fett Body, with repainted arms, a new head, a repainted Helmet and a removable over skirt thing, and the one included in set 2 Is the original "neutral" version from the secret apprentice evolutions set, this time around with a removable brown face sash and new forarms, leggings(?) on his lower legs, and re-tooled and head (same head as the other pack I think)
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    This week, TRU is supposed to have a buy one, get one 50% off on SW stuff. Maybe your store misinterpreted it, or something? Either way, I was just at TRU the other day, but I think a return trip to check out the sale would be worth the effort.

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    Just got back from TRU and got the packs at buy one get on 1/2 off so the total was $45 plus tax. Though not as good as $3 per figure, I feel pretty good about $4.50 per figure.

    @ mrhat: It is always nice when something screwy works in your favor...lucky you.

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    I almost went in again to see if it would work twice, they had one more set of the figures, but I didn't, wanted to be fair to someone else who might be looking for these sets. Glad it worked out for you in a sort of way, glad they still had the sets too.
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    Went on a mini outing today, to TRU on Mississippi to see if the EU wave was there, and it was not, luckily (sort of) I needed motor oil, so i stopped by the exposition wal-mart on my way home, and got cold weather obi and rex as well as commander stone, so not a total waste of time. I'm up bright and early tomorrow to get to TRU by 9 when they open so I can (hopefully) get my hands on the awesome EU wave
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    The Westminster TRU had nothing today. I asked them - and called the Aurora and Englewood stores - and none of them had gotten anything in, at least recently. It's still possible that they could get more in soon, but it's just frustrating that there was nothing today.

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    Unfortunetly the TRU's in the denver area apparently aren't on the ball at all... I'm hoping that the TRU in Fort Collins is a little better about these figures...
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    Did anyone find the Unleashed Packs this weekend? I didn't have any luck, but I did find the newest clone wars wave at Wal-mart, and and extra set of one of the new comic packs for army building.

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    No packs here. I did get Commander Stone at the Flatiron Crossing Walmart, so that's something. And I also saw the comic packs at a few Targets, even though I've had them for a few weeks.

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    Went to TRU in Fort Collins after my final today, and low and behold, one complete set of the EU wave! Got all six of the figs plus the alternate Bespin Guard, these figures are astonishing, and I'm glad they are finally out. They also had about 3 eash of the FOrce Unleashed figure packs on the shelf, so if you wanted to take a daytrip to northern CO they are there, and they may put out another box or two of the EU wave. And they did ring up for $4.99 each, not so bad, although the BOGO would have been epic. Good show with the BAD concept Hasbro, let's do it again sometime shall we?
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