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    My sister who lives in Denver, well Aurora I guess, just called me from the Toys R Us on Mississippi and Patomic (by the 225 freeway) on her lunchbreak. She told me that they have several of the new wave of Star Wars figures there. She was in looking for something else and stopped by the Star Wars section because she knew that I had been excited for the new wave to come out. She is not really well-versed in Star Wars, but said they had the 2 Solo Jedi, K'kruhk and Shaak Ti for sure.

    I am not familiar with the greater Denver area, but I thought I'd let you all know what she told me.

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    Glad to see that the Aurora TRU finally got some of the new figures
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    I picked up the Force Unleashed packs at the Park Meadows TRU today. They had a tone left. Too bad Buy one get one is gone because that was spendy.

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    was at that tru over the weekend and they had nothing.

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    Went out for a bit in the Denver area, the Target in the Stapleton shopping center had the last wave of comic packs if anyone is still looking for them, and when I got home I found a package in the mailbox with the Nahdar Vebb exclusive contained within, so after that looooong wait I finally have the Aqualish Jedi on the wall.
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    I went on a fairly long TRU excursion today but it was completely worth it. At the Englewood store, I got both TFU packs, and they had several more of each. At the Aurora store, I got the AT-RT and Cody with BARC Speeder, which had been eluding me since February, as well as yet another Snowtrooper and Gungan Warrior for $5 each. They had six of the repacked TPM Obi-Wans from the exclusive wave, but nothing new (and nothing in back), so I was disappointed in that. I then went to the Westminster TRU, my usual one, only to see a guy looking through the pegs and holding a Shaak Ti. He left and I checked through, only to find nothing new. I asked an employee if they had any more in the back, and he asked, and was told that they sold through everything during their BOGO sale last week - which I knew was untrue, as the pegs had been completely replenished since then. The guy said they had several cases of the EU wave, and they sold out quickly when the store opened this morning. So I pressed on, and he checked the back for me - lo and behold, they had just one more case. He was reluctant to bring it out, since the pegs were full, but I told him I'd be buying more than half the case so it wouldn't be a problem (really pushing here). By this time, though, the previous guy had come back to the aisle while all this was happening, and (who I assume was) his wife was with him as well. We were chatting a bit about the wave as the employee brought back the final case, full of the exclusives. I asked the guy if he was okay with me taking them, as I felt somewhat bad, but he said that I was the one who asked the employee about them, so I should be the one to get them, and I wasn't going to argue too much. So if you're reading this, fellow collector, I didn't want to seem like an ***, but you said you were fine with it, and I did indeed ask about them specifically, and hopefully they'll keep getting in more.

    So I spent roughly $140 today at three different TRUs, getting essentially caught up (aside from Snow Rex and the Magnaguard). And I also got Nahdar Vebb in the mail, which was a great capper on it all.
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    I think I am technically caught up, though I really would like extras of the Phase I dark trooper and spacetropper. I think I will wait until they go on-line because I am not driving all over the city looking for 2 figures I have just for extras. I am about to send off for my second Nahdar Vebb today.

    One aside about the EU wave, did everyone notice how they all had the expired Eopie offer still on them. Just shows how delayed this wave really is with getting distributed. This is by far the best wave they have had in a long time. Not a looser in the bunch. It is just a shame that it ended up being a TRU exclusive.

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    I am not happy about the exclusivity of this wave at all. I have noticed that most of the online sites are selling the EU wave minus the Bespin guard.

    This weekend, by the time I got to look, the bespin guard was the only one that hadn't sold out on TRU online so I picked him up. Now I can just order up the rest of the wave on-line later. Now I just hope that when my guard comes in the mail it is the right one...
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    A new Walmart opened at 120th and Sheridan yesterday, and I went today. The only two figures I'm currently missing are arctic Rex and the Magnaguard, and they clearly got in a few cases of the wave, but those two figures were frustratingly gone (though there were a few each of arctic Obi-Wan and the Firefighter Droid). I did get two stormtroopers for $4.50 each, though, so it wasn't all bad.
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    I got the arctic Rex at the Westminster Walmart today, which had moved and remodeled their toy section to be more similar in location and design to the brand-new Broomfield store (I assume others will follow suit soon; it actually looks a bit like Target's layout, with more displays for films like Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3). They had put out several cases of wave 13, revision 1, meaning there are still several of snow Rex and Commander Stone but no Firefighter Battle Droids or Magnaguards.
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