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    Hey guys, just a heads up, went to Aurora Mall today, and i SCORED an Ammo Wagon with Falumpiset at KB toys, they were marked as 9.99 but rang up as a shocking 5.99!, they had 1 left after i had gotten mine, but wouldn't be suprised if more came, NO new 12" troops from them yet, B. Dolton had 1 episode 1 Litho set left as of 1:30 today, they are 9.99. other than that Same old SAGA, if you need a Ketwol Wl-Mart has 5 of em, also they had TONS of the Orn Fre Taa wave, literally tons, and Geonosian warriors and Dexter Jetsters (corrected). So happy hunting!
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    Hey group, I just wanted to take a second to tell you all how great I think this room is. The group has made it so much easier for me to find some of the harder to get figures. Before I joined this room I looked at some of the others, and they are pretty rude to each other. It's nice to see a group of people with a common interest who work together to help others get what they are looking for. Thanks

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    Yeah i aggree, this is great, its friendly and not snooty. we have the state covered corner to corner to corner to corner I found the NEW deluxe stuff at Commerce city Wal-Mart, no new basic though... they had TONS left if u still need them.
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    This is definitely a good group. Most forums of this kind have a lot of snooty people in them which is why I never cared for forums before. Even though there really isn't anybody in my area that posts here, I still get a lot of use out of everybody's finds because it let's me know when items are appearing in the state so I know when to go looking. The Micro Machine forum on this site rocks too because it has a few Coloradans in it as well and it is a very tight knit group of people that occupy that forum (plus Action Fleet is my favorite Star Wars collectable).

    Wal Mart on 38th and Youngfield has Nexu and Anakin Deluxe along with TONS of the Endor Soldier wave. Still no Djas Puhr but I did see one Palpatine last week so I expect to see many more Palpatine/Djas Puhr cases soon.

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    You read my mind ces. We do have a great forum. Occasionally we have other forum members outside Colorado drop in to give their two cents, which is great. And we have one of the top forums.

    I picked up the Nexxu at Wal-Mart on Buckley. They also had the Anakin and Geonosian Warrior set, but I passed. That Anakin figure is a piece of crap! He never had 2 lightsabers when he was cleaving Geonisians in half and IN the movie, he was wearing his robe. The Nexxu is very cool though.

    No sign of Palpatine yet. The $1 price drop at all the stores is very nice.
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    Hey All,

    After a hot and smokey weekend, it's back to the grind. On Saturday, I went to the Renaissance Festival and stopped in the Castle Rock Wal-Mart and Target. The Wal-mart had a few Qui-Gon's, Orn's, and Rebel Soldiers - no Palpatine's though. They did have some Lego Tie-Fighters and Lego Coruscant Speeder Chases with Zam and Anakin's speeders. Diddley squat at the Target though. The Wal-Mart in Westminster is absolutely loaded with the Qui-Gon Wave and the new deluxe fig's. I'll be doing a little looking around today in Westminster/Arvada and some in Boulder tomorrow. Has anyone found any of the Unleashed fig's yet?

    By the way, thanks for the "welcome's" Mrhat and Jayspawn!
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    Jay, I agree about the Anakin. He blows, but I thought the geonosian was really cool, and I am a completion"ist" so I had to buy him (Unfourtunate for my pocket book). These last two waves have been very difficult to find.

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    My Stormtrooper Builder Sets arrived today from the Fan Club. They're pretty cool. They managed to get 4 Stormies and guns into a little white box. Very cool. I got 5 sets. I may order more.
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    Begun this Stormtrooper war has, sorry. Building an army eh Jay? I havent ordered those yet, i probobly should. Don't worry ces, i have that completionistic attitude, yeah Anakin is probobly one of the worst, EVER, i mean his eyebrows are HUGE and BLACK, and if you look under his black vest his arms are like almost touching in the middle, Hasbro what the heck is that? at LEAST make the brows the right color, and that face, freaky... Not to hasbro, "you have failed me for the last time, the emporer is not as forgiving as i am"
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Jay, how was you paint Job on your troopers? Mine had kind of a sloppy paint job over all, but it is still cool to get them. The only difference I noticed between them and the commtech chip version is the missing "blasted" mark on the chest.
    If anyone is still in need of Orn Free Taa or wants to build an army with Endor soldiers, head over to Walmart off Abilene. I was surprised at how well they cleared out some of the peg warmers by dropping their prices.


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