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    Nope nothing. TRU on Mississippi finally got Ultimate Jango in, thats about it. Hope everyone had a good 4th.
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    Hey all. Walmart on Abilene and Quincey have all of the new figures:Chewie, Han, Obi, Djas, Palpy, plus Yoda, Count Dooku, Hanger Anakin. And the surprise find of the day: Mace with Red battle Droid. This is limited to one per case. I happen to hit both right when they were being stocked. I bought the one from the Abilene Walmart, but I hid the one from the Quincey. I placed it in the Lego isle across from the Legos behind these cheesey cheap toys. It is behind the cash register draw. The plastic is rather damaged. The stocl girl was still stocking at the Quincey Walmart, so there may be more. When I went in the isle was almost empty, and she hung over 100 figures from the newest three waves and the Yoda wave.
    Both Walmarts also had a ton of the two unleashed figures and Ultimate Jange Fett.

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    Thanks for the update ces. Thats quite a find. Is the red battle droid that comes with Mace really red?
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    I'm color blind, but for what it is worth it looks redish brown to me. It is a different color than any other battle droid produced thus far.

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    Hurray! i found the Han, Obi, Chewy, Palp, and Djas at Commerce city Wal-Mart, also had the yoda! no Acklays or Anikin unleashed...
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    Here's am update on the Deluxe Mace WIndu with red Battle Droid. I found 3 of them at the Target on Arappahao (spelling) and 225. These are VERY RED Battle Droids, no question about it. Definatly worth checking out.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    nice to see brand spanking new toys (well sort of) showing up here!
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    38th and Youngfield restocked all the new figures, as well as the figs that have been missing from previous waves such as Dooku, Hangar Ani, and Yoda. They added an entire endcap of figures and have even more stacked on top of on of the shelves! Mace w/Red Battle Droid (but only 2 that I saw) and piles of Unleashed. They had about 15 Djas Puhr's.

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    Finally found Djas Puhr at the Wal-mart in Longmont this morning. They also had 3 Mace w/ red battle droid and a lot of the Bespin and Obi-Wan JSP waves.

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    SWEEEEET!!!! One of my buddies from California who owns a collectable store just sent me a couple sets of both the ANAKIN/DARTH MAUL and the TEEMTO/KI-ADI waves yesterday via overnight and they came today!!! These figures kick ******* ***!!! This is relevant to everyone because historically his shop only gets these about a week or two before we get these in Denver. Usually he wants an arm and a leg so I usually pass, but that was part of our bet on the latest Tyson fight so..... Keep your eyes peeled gentlemen.

    This s not STAR WARS realted, but has anyone happen to run by the repainted McFarlane NBA figures while hunting. Need some Iversons with black jerseys badly!!! Please LMK!!!


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