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    Good to hear from you SITHLORDDARTHBANE. I'm glad the new COOL Deluxe figures are starting to show up. I just wish some figures would. And the Rebublic Gunship.
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    Picked up a Gunship today. All I can say is AWESOME!!! I normally don't buy 3 3/4" vehicles. I don't have the moeny or the room which is why I prefer Action Fleet. I only own the 3 3/4" Slave I (Boba Fett's). Until today. My local WalMart had one Gunship sitting on the shelf and I took a look since it was my favorite vehicle from AOTC. This thing blew me away. It is beyond cool and it was only $38 which seemed like a very good price. Now I have two 3 3/4" vehicles. I just need to track down a pair of pilots and the new speeder bike to go with it.

    I also came across the deluxe Anakin (oh so lame. Looks like he's squatting to pinch a loaf) and Geonosian Warrior (pretty cool). Both were at Target on Wadsworth and 78th(?) and I left them both on the pegs for somebody else.

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    YYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!! I finally found a Republic Gunship today!!!! Wal-Mart on Abeline (the one I hate) had only 1 when I spitefully walked over. It's great! Finally, something to tide me over till more figures finally show up. Now I need some pilots to go with it!
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    Gunship rocks, eh Jayspawn. I now have a desperate search for pilots underway. I'm check all the stores in my area daily.

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    You said it haggie. It's pretty big for what you pay. I already have built a Clone Army, I need some pilots. My Gunship will have to stay docked for a little while.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Congrats Jay,
    Now I just need to find one. Hopefully more will be hitting soon. The New Target (don't know what to call this one, I guess Alameda? Well they had Anakin TA and Darth Maul on Monday evening.

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    I saw four Gunships at Walmart on 3rd (or is it 4th?) and Wadsworth. They were all on the top shelf so they may be sitting there longer than usual so if anybody wants one enough to leave their usualy area, that's where you should go. Two are in the SW section and the other two are on the opposite side of the shelf by the bikes where no SW collector would normally look.

    The new Super Target across from Denver West opened on Sunday. Big disappointment as far as toys go. They have a HUGE toy section and their SW and Zoid (my other major toy collection) selections are tiny. And they don't have ANYTHING new. I have seen a lot more Deluxe C3-PO and Yoda around though, so maybe it will be the same story for the Speeder Bike that I need for my Gunship. that Gunship rocks. Three posts later and I still can't shut up about it. It is so damn cool. Unfortunately, I have not place to put it. My wife and I are crammed in a two bedroom apartment and my shelf space is taken up. The Gunship is packed away with all my other SW stuff in the closet. I did buy another red Clone Trooper for it today though.

    I still see a ton of Slave Is around. I'm hoping it goes on deep discount. If I can score it for under $15, I'll get one to go with my Boba Slave I.

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    Same here haggie. It's bigger than I thought it would be. And it does take up quite a bit of space. I would like to get another though. I bet you can fit quite a bit of Clones in them.

    The Deluxe Speeder bike w/ Clonetrooper figure fits perfectly into the Gunship. It's crazy, they fit it perfect. And the Clone goes very well with the ship as well.
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    In Colorado Springs......oodles of the 12" Han and Luke at our only TRU, the BigKMart on South Academy had the Battle Arena and the second wave Action Fleet. If you are into the books, the second Boba Fett book (Crossfire) and the #4 Jedi Quest (Master of Disguise) is out.
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    I found the Gunship at TRU on Mississippi. They still have one left if anyone else still needs it. I spent about and hour putting it together. I had some trouble getting the pilots to fit into the cockpit and getting their cannons to clip onto the gunship. It looks really cool once it is all together. The Speeder bike does fit great in the back. It is a great set overall. I wish that front compartment had pegs in it too. My figures there keep sliding around.


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