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    Greatland Target had some Ephant Mon this morning. It's the forst I've seen him at retail. They're gone now of course, but we should start seeing more of him.
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    The Walmarts have placed the tags for the new Trash Compactor set. $16.98 Ouch

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    Ouch is right. I thought they were going to be less than that.

    I picked up the new Yoda w/ Council Chair at Wal-Mart on Exposition. They also had a few red Clonetroopers, Destroyer Droids, and Clone Pilots. They actually cleaned and reset the toy section too. It looks quite nice now.
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    Score! I picked up 12" Imperial Officer and Dengar for $5.00 each today! Wal-Mart on Buckley had all the 12" marked down to that price. They had a few of Dengar, Zam, and the Officer. BTW, that Wal-Mart will be closing at the end of the month and relocating to somewhere on Chambers.
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    being relatively new to the area does anyone know of places in the SW of the city that are receptive to us collectors, or are all the good spots over in Aurora?
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    Welcome to the forums Darth Jax. I'm Jayspawn. Most of us Colorado Collectors reside in various parts of Aurora and branch out into parts of Denver, Littleton and some other areas. We get a pretty good area of ground covered and am proud to say that this 'Colorado' forum is a popular spot on this website. We look forward to hearing a lot from you.
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    Hi, I'm RynBkr2002, Ryan, and I've posted on here before, but I wanted to let everyone know that I live in Colorado. Specifically, I live in Centennial, off of Arapahoe and Quebec. So I have access to several of the local Targets and since I drive to Aurora often, three different Toys R Us's. Also, of course the two WalMarts. Since KMart is closing a lot of their stores, I'm going to be looking at the one off of East Arapahoe. I'm sure a lot of their Star Wars stuff is going to be on sale and such. I collect the Star Wars line for my two boys, ages 2 and 1/2, and 1 and 1/2. Thank guys, just wanna say hey. . .

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    i'd say this is a fairly popular spot, it takes awhile of reading to get completely caught up with what's going on. with the announcements of k-marts closing, one's just down the road. i'll let everyone know once items start getting reduced.

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    I Finally found the Trash Compactor 2 set. Only the Han and Luke set. The Walmart off Hampton had it. No other finds. I got the new 12 inch set of Padme' and Anakin from Newforce comics. The Padme would have been cool if they had made her Bun portion out of "real" hair instead of glued on plastic loops. The Anakin is pretty cool. He has light saber swinging action like the Europe exclusive Han and Luke. The Geonosian is the coolest of the set, but I bet he'll be a shelf warmer.

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    I also just found one of the Trash Compactor sets, the Leia and Chewie . I found it at Walmart in Castle Rock. The box was beat up, guess that's why it was the only one there
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