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    Talking yes yes plz include startours, dlx figs etc :)

    r2 showed me her str4m9 so i know i want one of those, & maybe r3d3 but can't judge it from netpix & have heard it's lamo, but still wanna get a look & make sure
    btw if opened/damaged packaging costs less sounds good, i & pals open everything anyway

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    Alright, I'll have to do this in parts. . .

    Deluxe AOTC Figures left are:
    Mace Windu, w/Blast Aprt Battle Droid (white)
    Jango Fett, w/Electronic backpack and snap-on armor
    Ponda Baba
    Momaw Nadon

    Star Tours Figures left are:
    RX-24, "Rex"

    I have to run an errand, so I'll put the standard figures up later. . .

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    Unhappy aww Man, you mean i missed out on some st figs?

    oh well, feel free to reserve those 3 remaining for me & lmk how much for them ponda's arm comes off right? but other dlx cantina figs are not new sculpts, right? if yes to both quextions my tokyo pal might be interested in ponda so lmk price & i'll inquire with him
    look fwd to aotc fig listings-

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    Vulcan. . .

    Just go ahead and e-mail me at I can just go ahead and e-mail you the rest of my standard figures. My brother actually just bought the other two Deluxe Cantina figures off of me, leaving me with just the Ponda Baba, as he already had it. So, I still have the three Star Tours figures, since I bought them online at ebay for like $45, I'll do the same for you. I already sold the bloody luke, the Jorg Sacul and the two Toy Fair Dath Vaders I had for a lump sum to another buddy from my martial arts class. Soooo, I basically just have all the standard figures left. So e-mail me at the above and I'll let you know. . .

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    Let's try to keep the trade stuff to a minimum, PM's and such. Or take it over to the trades(selling ) section.
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    May the force be with you.

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    Unhappy i got them "sk99's bustin me tradin-buyin bawls" blooz

    since these threds are already segregated by region to me it's always seemed a natural for trades, sales & assists among locals to be arranged here; besides, it's my understanding that the trade forum's policy has long been strictly "no exchange of money allowed" anyway, so i doubt we'd be welcome there
    rb2: oy, $15 each's a bit too rich for me blood- $10 is the best i can do- but i certainly don't expect you to lose $$ on them so if that's not good enough no problem, i understand
    still waitin to hear back from pals about ponda & r4m9. . . meanwhile in case anyone's interested i sighted 3 saga bombers at commerce city walmart friday-

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    Ok, I have to vent for a few minuets...

    WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYTHING?!?!?! Going shopping has become depressing. NO Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, MOTU, Muppets, 007, or McFarlane (God forbid he make anything that somebody will buy). Greatland Target just got in a bunch of the Qui-Gon wave that everybody has and bought forever ago. Toys'R'Us, NOTHING! Shelves of Final Battle Jango, Taun We, and the stupid looking 12" Boussh Leia (which they should not have made). There is a bunch of new stuff out for all of those figure lines and NOBODY has them!

    Come on guys, chop chop! This dry spell NEEDS to get over fast!
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Simple economics, Jayspawn.

    January-March is historically the slowest time of the year for sales, the economy is in the toilet, and jobs are rapidly disappearing (and it isn't going to get worse once our Government starts bombing Iraq). All of this adds up to stores not ordering as much stuff as usual because they can't count on selling as much as usual. Toys are heavily effected because they are the last thing to be bought when people start conserving their money. Chances are, toys are also seeing smaller production runs now too because it takes a lot of oil to produce plastic toys.

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    i sighted 3 saga bombers at commerce city walmart friday
    I'm from Commerce City. I graduated from Adams City High School, class of '93.

    BTW, I wasn't trying to bust anyone's......blooz.

    It just seemed to be taking over the thread. But hey, if noone else minds/complains then NBD.

    Carry on.
    May the force be with you.

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    Vulcan. . .

    Just e-mail me, I don't really want to be putting this stuff on here anyway, but everyone here has been great. Unfortunately since I really do need the money, that's fine then. I can do $35 for the Star Tours, and $45 w/the Ponda Baba added in. . .lmk

    Alright, the WalMart off of C-470 and Quebec in Highlands Ranch are finally putting out their shipments of Star Wars, LOTR, and GI Joe figures. So get there if you need anything as of late. . .


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