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    Wink you're from cc, sk99? my condolonces ;P

    nbd? hey, for a commerce citian you're allright
    by day, cc is denver's culture-bereft armpit, bearing a curious resemblance to hank hill's arlen tejas itelluwhut; but by night it's Blade Runner's 2019 los angeles (well, near the refinery anyway) and ideal nearby-but-isoltaed site for lotsa raves in the 90s
    rb2: you got a deal re them startours meanwhile i'm still waiting to hear back from palz about ponda & r4m9, will lyk asap
    sighted: 1 each of af wave 4 at 95th/sheridan walmart
    bagged: $11+tax nmip delux clonebiker in case anyone here needs (maybe you r2, since you generously allowed me to open & view your only one during our last tea? ), otherwise i'm sure bjr'll be happy to take it cuz it has the horizontal handles like he prefers

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    Exclamation sighted yesterday at "cinderella city" walmart (bway & hampden) in case ne1 intrested

    ~1/2 dozen clone pilots and 3-4 saga droidekas

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    Vulcantouch, I need you to pm me as I would like to go ahead and do the trade of the Star Tours figures, and perhaps the Ponda Baba as well. I really need the dinero to purchase some things before I leave for the Navy. . .

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    you're from cc, sk99? my condolonces ;P
    Actually, I'm a transplant, from MN originally. I lived in cc for toooooo many years.

    Toxic waste dump (literally...Rocky Mountain Arsenal) that it is. My parents still reside less than a mile from the RMA.
    May the force be with you.

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    Hey all i found the Anikin/Dooku Speeders at the Target by the Aurora Mall, they are 12.98 there. Nothing else new around the area, hey sithkiller-- first lovely avatar and second i also live about a pennies throw from the arsenol, its actually a nice area.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Hi all. My computer was on the frits so it has been a very long time since my last post. Anyway, I received a case from NewForce Comics yesterday. At least I am caught up now. I think that I am going to need to order most of the figures from them now as the stores are so poor at getting stuff in. The new R2 sucks. He is by far the worst R2 to date. His legs are molded to his body. The Anakin is the great. He is the best Anakin to date. You can keep in a very action pose or take the robe off for a more neutral pose. Boba is really cool. A close second to the 300th figure Boba. Mace's little rubber arms are interesting for about two seconds, then over all he sucks. I'm sure most of you already have the Obi and Dooku. I really like the Dooku figure. The only bad thing about getting cases from New Force is that often times they are delayed and then you see some of the figures in store and your torn if you should get them or not.

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    For some reason, Obi-Wan and Dooku continue to evade me.

    Man, thats a whole lot of snow out there. I'm staying in today.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    I hear you jay, im in today, though the shoveling is the equivilent of school.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    I can't even open my front door now there is so much snow. Good thing I bout this video capture device yesterday. I guess I just have to play with it tonight.

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    Ive had a good amout of shoveling to do today, what a useless job. It just kept coming and coming, had an escipade in the car when i tried to park on the street, bt its all alright fornow. Hope everyone keeps warm tonight!!
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man


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