Okay, first suprise, All C's, yeah yeah, dont want to hear about it, anyway, i went in yesterday with toys my father had purchased for me, not knowing i had them all, i took them in, and went up to the deak woman, explained our situation, and we had all the price tags on the toys still. she said i could exchange (for full price!) so i exchanged a K-3PO, and a Duro for a Shmi and an EU Obi Wan! The Bespin Guard towards the purchase of a Darth Vader with removible helmit! i only spent 20.00 for the remainder of the Vader. It might have been the fact that I did come in alot and usually bought soimething, or they are being nice and not slimey! the second suprise in Target, in aurora had the Shmi and the EU obi, as well as the Ketwol wave, and the legecy assortment, and B-Wings!!!! if you still need em, go, i mean NOW!

Good luck

Also, All C's had a hochunk of Luke X-Wing Wave! if you cant wait for those.