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    Hey cool! Thanks!
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    I finally picked up Watto today at Buckingham Target. And he was $2.99!!!!! They are on sale this week. It would have been nice to find Lott Dod and Tusken Raider.

    TRU on Mississippi had like 6 Republic Gunships!!!
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    Hopefully TRU has the new R2 soon. I have heard 11/2 now.

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    I finally just bit the bullet. I just bought four clone pilots for $35 (with free shipping) on eBay. I haven't seen a single one and I wanted four of them so I knew the chances were slight of me ever finding them on the shelves. The deal isn't so bad considering it eliminates my constant driving around town. Now I just need the clone with Speeder Bike to complete my Gunship. I've found that deluxe wave at four different stores and every time the clone is already gone.

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    GOOD JOB JAY!!! I would bet the barn that we will sww a few figures hit this week and if they happen to hit while people are running sales then that kicks ***!!! ...... A little off the Star Wars
    subject, has anyone found the new Muppets figues I am dying for those damn things???

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    Hey guys and Gal, Went on the ususual hunt, and found some things-- A (1) Darth Maul Sith Training, at Target off of sable by the aurora mall, They also had 2 interactive R2's fr 98.99 or so, Wal-Mart had some Momow Cantina Sets, TRU had the gunships about 4 when i was there, at 39.99. They had the X-Wing and Taun Taun, They still have all the old figures, nothing new in that deartment, they did however have the new interactive lightsaber. The Aurora Mall has nothing of noteworthyness, unless you collect the new Star Trek Figs which they had a lot of. If you collect movie maniacs, TRU, Media Play, and EB had them, suprisigly though, at TRU only 3 toothfaires a Jason and a Djinn were left. At Media Play same thing, only more of each, they also had Ash vs. Evil Ash 2 pack. EB had them all except Sarah Connor. Happy Hunting.
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    Bane, do you mean wave 2 of the Muppets? TRU in Westminster has had wave 1 for months. I bought Dr. Teeth (I just want to get the band and maybe Beeker). I haven't seen these figs anywhere but TRU though. Also OT: I saw the latest wave of Simpsons figs today at Super Target at Denver West. Stonecutter Homer is totally cool.

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    Ive seen the first series of muppets, at EB and TRU, and Sam Goody. I havent seen the simpsons wave after the Rod and Todd toys. I hope i do, did they have the Mr Burns Playset?
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    Didn't see any playsets there. They has a few older ones on clearance for $5 each last week but they were gone. That might be a sign that they don't plan on purchasing the playsets for Target stores anymore.

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    thanks! Im sure they will show up!
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man


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