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    Okay I finally got it to work.
    To get to the gag reel:

    Access chapter 3 directly not through chapter menu, but by using the chapter skip buttons on your DVD. Once at chapter three pess stop, and then press search or however you skip to an inputted chapter, the press 3 (and press enter, play, or select). This method worked on my playstation 2, Toshiba, and Panasonic DVD players.

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    I'll have to check it out.

    I picked up the Lord of the Rings Expanded Edition Collector's Boxed set at Wal-Mart this afternoon. I have not had a chance to watch the movie itself yet, but the set is very cool. Definatly worth the price, I got it for $48.88 which is the lowest price anywhere. The bookends are pretty neat too.
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    I picked my Boxed set this afternoon at best buy for 49.99, pretty cool! i will have to clar room to watch it tomorrow!
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    Has anyonse seen any Clone Pilots around? These guys still continue to evade me.
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    I haven't seen a single Clone Pilot or Clone with Speeder on the pegs.

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    I have seen some of the figures in this case assortment, but not them in a store. I also cannot find Ephant Mon anywhere. I think I got to Kmart last week just after they were all gobbled up. I went on a run today and found nothing. The KB at Buckingham had several of the Deluxe Yodas if anyone still needs them. They were on the top shelf.

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    Super Target had some Deluxe Clones, as well as the rest of the newest deluxe wave. Still havent seen clone pilot, or Ephant Mon either...
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Jayspawn and Haggie,

    They have them at Superhero Headquarters on 74th and Federal.
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    Thumbs down you mean Scalperzero Scalpquarters, doncha ds?

    i've known jim, the guy who mans that place, for years and he's always been a stand-up guy; the price-setting absentee owner, on the other hand, is a shameless egg-suckin lowlife scalpin rat BAZdidd and anyone can tell him i sez so i've never given that grubby, small-minded tub-o-crap a dime of my $$ and i ain't gonna start now. he's the all-c's of the northwest quadrant
    hat, hag, spawn: you guys still ain't bagged a clonepilot? that's odd, cuz usually you hardcore figurehuntin grinds find all the new ones Way b4 i do anyhoo, as reported in my huntpost 410 (and 405 for that matter) i found a half-dozen at westland kmarket a week ago, & even paid the targ sale price for mine
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    I have four Clone Pilots but I resorted to eBay to get them (never seen a single one on the pegs and I eventually gave up looking). I got them all from one guy (scalper) so I didn't get beat up too much by his markup or shipping. I just need a Deluxe Clone with Speeder Bike.


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