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    I got my Ephant Mon in the mail yesterday from Amazon. He is so cool. The bubble on this guy is giant.

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    I dropped by All C's yesterday and WOA! They sure cleaned everything up! They dont' have piled of overpriced peg-warming figures anymore. The cool wals of figures have been taken down and replaced with interesting sports crap. I wonder where all their stuff went?

    Anyways, (off the Star Wars topic for a sec) they have the Muppets Series 2 there for $9.99. Not too bad a price. They look great. There was Gonzo, Fozzie, and Crazy Harry. Sgt Floyd Pepper wasn't there. I know SITHLORDDARTHBANE was looking for these too. Hopefully these will show up this or next week.
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    As i said before some guy bought ALL the SW stuff and anyother thing for that matter except the sprts crap. i suppose it was about time they re-stocked.
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    Thumbs up ok, looks like the force (aka consensus) is with jan 2 :)

    so let's say that'll be the day until further notice? so what do we need to remember to bring? me: r2's fritodisplay & my custom jango & commtech stormie, plus "special" ef1 & klaestron mms, & maybe some tradables?
    r2: "special" atst mm
    hagg: maybe your delux clone? i'd like to see what he looks like o-o-p & all armored up, to help me decide if i should get my own
    anyone who has em: silver r2 & startours droids, same reason as above
    hmm, what else should we bring for show & tell & trade & give? :happy:

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    TRU on Missippi this afternoon has several 12" Dengar, Imperial Officer and Zuckuss. They all look very good. Hasbro put some effort into them.
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    On 1/2/2003, I'd like to see the MM protos if anybody got one.

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    I guess the Trash Compactor and Holiday sets are starting to show up. Our Wal-Marts have been a bit slow latley. Hope they get going soon.
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    Off the Star Wars topic...

    Aurora Mall had Tortured Souls 2 this afternoon. Sam Goody at Buckingham Mall had The Muppets series 2. They didn't have any Gonzo but they did have Crazy Harry, Floyd Pepper and Fozzie, as well as the exclusive ToyFare Vacation Fozzie.
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    Walmart in Castle Rock and Walmart on Quebec (Denver) had the new 12" figs.
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    Has anyone spotted the trash compactor sets yet?


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