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    The newest figures that I have found were in Walmart out on south boulder road. And what they had were yoda with chair, clone pilots and destroyer droids. That is the last thing I have found that beat out the same old junk. I got a couple of extra clone pilots just because there were a million of them.

    I know the staff at the boulder target just hate me. I am there when the store opens and I get the fish eye from the employees. Plus it bothers me that other "collectors" or what ever look at me like I am cutting in on their action. And it doesn't help that were all adults waiting to make the mad dash to the toy aisles. I actually feel like I am about 10 years old around these guys. I guess sometimes there is no honor among thieves.
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    Thumbs up hey you Punks, are you ready for some Conball?

    i trust b'jr & i'll be seein some of you at starcon friday? mrh: i got One and maybe Two fye-dollah bills with yer name on em so hope to see you there :happy: pretty sure i recall what you look like so if we don't meet up in lobby b4 6pm, we'll just bump into each other amidst the dealer room craziness? oh boy, fresh liberry droids yum
    how bout the restaya, gonna show?

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    Just out of curiosity, how many of you all are going to StarFest? I'm going Friday and Saturday.

    I'm pretty miffed about the guest list this year. We only get 1 CON a year and StarLand blows it.
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    Wohoo! I picked up the Muppets Kitchen at Media Play this afternoon! It's gotta be one of the best playsets ever!
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    Wow! I was wondering if the kitchen was out yet! I am not going to make it out to starfest. Actually I have never gone to one. Is it a good place to get figures? I would love to get my hands on yoda/chian and ashla/jempa. What are the prices like there?
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    Day 1 was ok. The Autograph and Dealer's Rooms were a little too small in the new Hotel. To answer Dark Marble's question, the prices depend on the dealer. It's really their call. Some of the newer SAGA figures like Ceremony Anakin, Lama Su and Tyranus were at ok prices. Others are just too high. But it's nice to meet and see other fans. There were alot of nuts there today though. Tomorrow should be interesting, it's gonna be packed!

    BTW, I saw vulcantouch there. I didn't get to say hi vt but if I catch you tomorrow I will. I hope I run into a few more of you there.
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    Exclamation yeah i'll bet you Did see me. . .

    . . .seeing as how i kept circling the dealerroom like a zombie in a centrifuge lookin for mrhat who was sposed to bring me libdroids & rebtrooper shoulda sed hi, woulda kept me from gettin so bored from not runnin into anyone oh well, might make it back sunday aft 3-4pm for a lil mop-up, maybe see you then, maybe mrhat and maybe dee2 too? i'll bring ephant & atst proto just in case
    btw got a look at lama su & think i want one so if anyone scores a cheap one on a bent card or doesn't want an o-o-p extra they bought to amass clone boys, plz keep me in mind

    dm: didn't see those shorty 2-pax, maybe it's still too early-

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    Grrr... Hey guys- well doesn't this beat all? My Prom has been moved to Saturday an the After-Prom to Sunday of this week. D'OH!!! I am so sorry y'all. I hope it goes well for you. VT- I still have the figs for you, sorry this just became more difficult. But they still have your name on em'!! Have a blast!
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    Well, it was a long weekend with sick family members, and a week of school to go. I checked out some of the local spots and made the rounds. All I found was the flight R2. Hope everyone else had a more productive weekend!
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    StarFest was a little weak this year. The Guests were good not not spactacular or exciting. The Dealer's Room was small, not a lot of dealers, not a lot of stuff. Let's cross out fingers for next year. They invited Carrie Fisher.

    BTW, I picked up Nightcrawler at TRU on Mississippi yesterday. They had Wolverine, Logan and Cyclops also. I'll get them later. Great looking figures!
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