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    I didn't recieve anything from Hasbro. But it would be nice.

    Good to hear from you ces!
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    Originally posted by sith_killer_99
    Yeah, I used part of my $3,000+ (thank you uncle George) tax return, to buy one.

    It's the best toy I've bought in a long time!

    BTW, just 4 1/2 more week 'til I come home to.......

    Rocky Mountain Hi i i i i i i igh, Colorado!
    Right on!!! Colorado is still beautiful, believe me. $3000.00 eh, I wish....
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    congrats CES!! At least one of us will get the new figs. And that HUGE refund to... well nothin new here, got my matrix tickets for first show tomorrow.
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    I'm going to The Matrix Reloaded on Friday evening- I believe. Can't wait!
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    counting down the hours... Even the RMN guy gave it a B-, and he really doesn't like those types of movies. Maybe it's a good sign.
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    Yeah!!! I picked up The Matrix figures this morning at EB in Aurora Mall. Great figures. Some of the best McFarlane figures ever. They didn't have Twin 2 or the Chateau playset cause it's not out yet. Twin 2 will be along later.

    *They also had a Muppets Swetich Chef w/ Kitchen playset for $29.99 if anyone has not picked it up yet.
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    SWEEET!! I may have to go take a looksie... I may wait tho, until the Queen Alien Deluxet comes out, see how good it really looks. That chateu set looks awesome too! BTY Enter the Matrix (Game) is absoluely stunning, and theextra film footage is really good. The new Movie-AWESOME, Matrix 3 trailer after the credits!!!
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    Hey all. If anyone is interested, Disney Deliverears is taking preorders on Wave 3 of the Star Tours figures. You can preorder all 3 (R5-D2, G2-9T, and SK-Z38). I was told that I should receive them in 4 weeks time. You can order max of two of each.
    With this final wave coming out, if any of you are still wanting the earlier waves, you can go to the following link. They have just recently restocked the original six which I believe are sold out elsewhere.

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    Cool so mrh, r2 et al, we still on for this thursday?

    i hope it's at least partly-cloudy/rainy, otherwise with a currently-projected 72f high it'd be a bit of a bummer cloistered up in hermetic FS on such a perfect day hmm, lemme think; you know how events sometimes designate alternate"rain locations"? i almost feel like designating a "sun location", namely a gorgeous new patioed cafe just a coupla blocks away from fs i discovered 3 days ago which also has a great tea selection (And provides free wireless net, so would wanna bring lapnotetopbook ); appropriately enough, güzel (pronounced GYOO-zell) is the turkish word for Beautiful
    maybe this is why our rb2 hasn't left me no trader feedback; according to my recollection the names, locations and family demographix match

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    VT, Thursday is still a go as far as I'm concerned....unless emergency arises RE: sister. If you wish a new locale, it's fine by me, especially since I spent a few years in Turkey.........just PM me directions You have my number
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