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    I saw all the new MOTU figures at Greatland Target including Whiplash and TwoBad. Cool looking figures. They're gone now but they were there.

    Still nothing new in the way of Star Wars. Hopefully, the Obi-Wan Unleashed wave will actually show up in stores.
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    Still need the Vader Revamp/Slave Leia Unleashed, grr.
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    Hey Mr. Hat. I finally just got mine from

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    Also, if anyone is sick of waiting for the new Obi-wan and Jango, follow this link: they have them for $9.99 each

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    Imperial Forces TRU Colorado Springs

    Hadn't found anything in a LONG time, but finally found the Imperial Forces 4 pack at TRU in Colorado Spings (we only have 1), though I know this has already been reported as being found in Denver, so old news for you guys
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    the Tru at 88 and Wads has a bunch of the Imperial Forces 4 pack.I just got my box of Wave 5 of the Unleashed I pre-ordered from Action figure Express...

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    I will be getting a hand full of the 25th Anniversary Boba Fett at the San Diego Comic Con . My family and I are going so I'll post How many I'll have to trade or sale...

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    Put me on the list!! Thanks ces, i may have to check that out!!
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    TK097 I would love one if you can get it.

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    You'll be Second on the List CES I'm not sure how Many I'll get and I don't Want to Make any Promises But if I do get 3 Or more I'll send you a PM.Genlte Giants Is doing a Blue Clone Trooper Mini Bust Limited to 1000 to be made. 500 for the Comic Con and 500 For Wizards Of the Coast .

    I have a Some Star Wars Kubricks coming from Japan , and Ihave some Tomy Series 2 Dioramas coming in.I stopped collecting regular Figures I'm only getting Star wars Exclusive Items from Over seas and the toy store Exclusives .When my Japan Shippmnet comes in I'll post an Inventory.


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