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    which Target?
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    Well the Target that I frequent is in Boulder, but right outside of Boulder in Superior, Louisville is a Super Target. Both have seen the new waves hit.
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    I see... Well moving on, TRU off of Mississippi and Potomic had 1 Unleashed Sideous Left, Dinged up if anyone wants it. Also They got some new toys, NOT the rigth ones but something. They got the Vader Bespin Wave... :LOTS OF THEM:
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    i'm not sure why i bother going into target any longer. make it a stop on my usual rounds. have had nothing but accessory sets on the shelves for months. haven't even seen a pegwarmer there. really think i'm on the wrong side of town for being a collector. most of the action seems to happen out east not west.

    have seen plenty of the vader bespin wave at TRU here, that's all they've had for about a month. that and plenty of luke/taun tauns and leia boushh clogging the shelves.

    walmart is completely empty. only shelf tags remain, can't remember the last time i saw only SW on the pegs. i'd like to think the empty pegs mean they're getting merchandise and it's moving quickly. however i'm more inclined to believe it means either no merchandise in storeroom or simply not ordering any SW figs.

    looks like it might be time for a trip out east.

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    Im supposing the Bespin Vader Wave is the "New figs" they have been recieving for months... whatever. Kay Bee at Aurora Mall had on Gammerian left and i picked him up, im sure they will get more. THats all.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    I went a little late, but at 2 this afternoon Greatland Target had a few Princess Leia, Han Solo and Darth Maul in the new packaging. Also the 'Red' Battle Droids there was a few of those too. No sign of Luke, Darth, Padme, Wat or any of those guys.

    I only bought Darth Maul because he's the one from the Masters of the Dark Side 2-pack I didn't open. The Leia and Han are the same old.
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    Post New figures in Colorado Springs TRU and Target

    I haven't seen anything new in so long, it was a real treat to see
    the new figures.....Aayla Secura, Lama Su, Yoda & Chian, Barriss
    Offee, Ashla & Jempa, Theed Hanger Duel Darth Maul, Imperial Captive
    Leia Organa, Flight to Alderaan Han Solo, Battle of Geonosis Coleman
    Trebor, Geonosis War Room Wat Tambor, Secret Cere,ony Padme'
    Adidala...and the Clone Wars Droid Army, Battle Launcher and Clone
    Trooper Army. Didn't see the Jedi Knight Army or the ARC Trooper. I
    found these at TRU and Target (Powers Blvd.) in Colorado Springs.

    I like the unique stands in most of the figures, the Wat Tambor and
    the Padme bases are especially nice.
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    stopped by the cinderella city walmart on my way home from work tonite. was a reassuring site to see 12 jango fett pilots hanging from the pegs.

    did pick up casey, hun, and april. passed on the xtreme team turtles, they looked rather lame. also present was marvel legends, picked up punisher. might get gambit at a later date.

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    The Punisher is the best looking figure in the line I think. Beast looks cool too. Eleckta has some weird looking joints but she's pretty spiffy.

    Anyhoo, I got won the Count Dooku Lightsaber Replica off Ebay for $150 which I thought was a styeal. Case and all!
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    Target by Aurora Mall had An Aalya Secura, Lama Su, 3 Red Droids ad a CommTech Jar Jar and Ovdi Madrell (seriously)
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