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    Hey all, now reporting from the University of Northern Colorado. It figures all the good finds happen when im gone. haven't gone out yet, its the lack of a car that holds me back. Will start one of these off days...
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    Hey You Guys. I went to the Target off Quincey today and they had in stock the early 2003 waves. They had the head varients of the Rebel Trooper and Imperial Officer.

    ****Coolest find**** TRU on Mississippi has the new Bounty Hunter Packs. Aurra's Swoop is great. They had about 20 of them. I picked mine up just as they were stocking, and they said that they had already sold three others.

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    Went to the Target in the University Plaza-- about 3 red battle droids, a Lama Su and 6 Destroyer Droid Launchers. Thats all for now.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    my leia on speeder and a-wing arrived today. both look great, interesting to have on-line exclusives from a physical location retailer but makes it much more readily available. found one of the imperial officers at target at SW plaza but no others from the end of 02/early 03.

    might have to put wal-mart back on my routine of stops if they're going to stock the entire line again.

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    Might have to look into that A-Wing...
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Found the 12" Lando and Geonosian at TRU in Pueblo, as well as the Ultimate Bounty pack. The KB in the Pueblo Mall, just got in a box of the Imperial Dogfight TIE Fighters.
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    Cool, maybe one day ill find something out here.
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    Woohoo! Last night I went to the Ringo and His All-Star Band concert at the Filmore Auditorium. I won't go on and on (which I definatly could) but spactacular and amazing could not describe it! I was front row (in the VERY front in fact) the whole time. I actually got one of Sheila E's drum sticks- she threw it after an incredible drum solo! Anyways, great night!

    Not Star Wars or figure related but I though I'd share anyways, The Beatles are my second love. It's Star Wars and The Beatles.
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    I received the third wave of Star Tours figures today. Not the best wave, but the R5-D2 is really cool.
    I was wondering, how many of you guys are completest too? If you are a completes, wht do you consider part as being complete?
    My thought is, that I want one of every figure, and major run variations.

    Target Greatlands had the old Padme wave today. Same wave that the other Target had earlier in the week. I still have not seen the new scene packs, Emperor wave, or Clone War wave. There are some reports that these are hitting on the west coast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    The Beatles are my second love. It's Star Wars and The Beatles.
    The Beatles are my fave as well (and always will be). I thought about going to Ringo, especially since it was at the smallish Fillmore, but I'd had my fill the night before when I went to see my fave band of the modern era, Radiohead. I was able to catch McCartney last year though. Unbelievable show. 90% Beatles songs. Totally OT, I know... but you got me going and I couldn't help but reply.


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