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    I found the Deluxe Durge at the KMart in the Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs, so guess KMart is getting some of new stuff.

    Also been finding the first wave of the movie scenes at Targets, the one on North Academy in the Springs and one in Castle Rock.
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    Lightbulb think i saw that delux durge at westminster-mall suncoast a week ago. . .

    . . .but i doubt the price was as good as at k-market meanwhile just sighted concept stormie, ayy vida & sleazeboy at glendale tarzhay

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    I received Santa Yoda via UPS yesterday. He was impecably packed.

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    Broomfield Target had Lars Padmé and Nightclub Obi-Wan but I got both of them. They also had two Januses (I forsee a pegwarmer . . .) and a few A-wings.
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    some finds

    Kmart in arvada has new figures on endcap
    TRU in Westminster has the SnowSpeeder Lego
    Target in Golden Has lars padme ...

    Im looking for the Snowtrooper and the Fans Choice # 4
    If anyone finds it could you please pick it up i'll do the same .

    Mike M.

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    I picked up a Clone pack at KB at Aurora Mall tonight. It was $5.99. Finally a sign!

    I also bought Unleashed Boba Fett at TRU on Mississippi. They had Han there as well.
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    Exclamation hey mrhat, returning to town for thanksgiving weekend?

    if so, we should arrange get-togeth for research droids & saga reb troop transaction, otherwise i might only be able to buy former off you

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    Happy Day after Thanksgiving everybody!

    Well its the biggest shopping day of the year and stores made NO attempt to dazzle anyone with a good selection of figures. Especially not Star Wars. I left empty handed. Anybody pick up anything?
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    Lets see, day after thanksgiving... I went to a few places. TRU, Wal-Mart, Target, and the Mall (all in aurora) TRU got the Treehouse of horror 4 set, princess cashmier, And the Jedi Army 3-pack (finally). Trget, An A-Wing. The mall- The new alien and predator mez-its, and the Trinity from series. Wal-Mart nothing as usual. Went back today (saturday) and the same Target had an Ayy Vida, none of the others just her. I am beginning to see the scene packs a lot. anywho thats about it. well I willcheck in with yall later.
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    Thats a good haul mrhat.

    The A-Wing and Leia w/ Speederbike are on SALE at Target this week. I hope some A-Wings show up!
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