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    I went and checked out the closing KB yesterday. The entire store was 50% off! But I was not alone, about 200 other people were there as well. Nothing too exciting -the lines were wraping around through the store, out the enterance and down the hall. I had a few things but I moved less than 10 feet in 45 minuets. So I just left.
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    Exclamation mrh: haven't heard from you re my last 2 posts above. . .

    . . .but i'll be having aft tea at fs today from ~3-sunset (~430pm) in case you wanna close the deal today anyone else here happens to be in the neighborhood then, feel free to drop by

    jay: happen to recall if bucky k-b had delux 3po/droid factory pack? we've seen it at another k-b marked down to $4, so if bucky has them at 50% of that ($2) a pal of mine would appreciate it if anyone here would pick one up, & i'll reimburse y'all on his behalf at our earliest mutual convenience
    also, how would you say new matrix sentinel (post 1285 above) is different from original sentinel? better? worse? same? cuz b'jr might want some for his hellshrine (see lower right of pic)

    bagged for me: micronauts galactic defender (clear/smoke color variant), 1/2 off at westymall suncoast ($4.49; prev. $9); glad i never dropped $$ for a vintage version gonna keep unopened for a bit longer tho, in case price drops even further after xmas micronauts ROCK, who out there knows what i'm tawkin bout?!
    sighted: r2b1 on a bent-up card, $7; anyone here wants say so & i'll pick up on your behalf

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    Greatland Target STOCKED their Star Wars section. No Clone Wars but LOTS of the other figures. TONS of Elan, Homestead Padme, Concept Stormtroopers, Club Obi-Wans, Bail Organas and such. Nice suprise to see.
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    thanx anyway about the bucky-kb, guys. . .

    . . .i was able to drop in there myself, & all i found of potential interest were an af solar sailor ($6.50), a buncha orn free tas w/senatecams for $3 and 1 each of the fig-scale zam-chase speeders marked at $8; but wasn't sure if those prices already included the 50%-off discount and i didn't wanna stand in a 40-long line just to find out, otherwise b'jr mighta been interested-
    p.s. to mrhat: haven't heard back from you about my above 3 posts but my receipt's about to expire, so i'm afraid i'm going to have to pass on your reb trooper i'd thought about buying back in the spring however, will still be happy to buy your research droids whenever a mutually-convenient opportunity arises, no pressing time factor there
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    Hey I was waiting for a hair cut today and decided to pop into a Walgreens and found the Hoth Wave of fiugres. A bit over priced though at $6.99

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    Well at least that wave is showing up. At the TRU on Mississippi they had a coupl of General Riekkens and a Lone Asajj Ventess. Nothing else to exciting round these parts otherwise, For those interested The Target by the Aurora Mall had a bunch of 12" Leia and Speederbike.
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    Went to colorado mills found cartoon network figures Mace , Obi Wan
    Anikin and Asajj for $6.99 each but they only had the 4 of them .

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    I've been busy with planning for school and extra hours at work but I did pick up 2 Super Posable Clonetroopers at TRU on Mississippi. I think its one of the best Star Wars figures to date, its incredible!

    New Force should be shipping my Grand Moff Tarkin Bust in the next day or so -so I'm excited! A nice post-Christmas present.
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    Woah! A bunch of things. First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone!

    Second, TRU on Mississippi had LOTS of Clone Wars figures and packs. Including Deluxe Durges, Speederbikes, Droid Army Packs and best of all, CLONE PACKS! Including the harder to find Green and Yellow Clone packs! So I picked me up a few of them! I picked up the new Return of the King Harrad Archer in the new packaging at Wal-Mart on Abeline! They look great in the new packaging AND they're only $4.96! New figures at a cheaper price! All Targets have Clearenced their Star Wars figures to $3.35 great chance to pick up extras. I bought a Bail Organa and an Anthony Daniels to customize!
    And I got an email saying that my Moff Tarkin Bust has shipped and will arrive in 3 days!

    So far a great Christmas and its only Christmas Eve!
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    Today I picked up the Brown coat version of Hoth Han at the Aurora Super Target for $3.35. Wish I had stopped by TRU for some of those clones. Still need the Red Pack.


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