I went again to the set-up at the Westminster Mall yesterday, and this time I entered the trivia contest. There were only three other people in it - a guy with long hair, a guy with no hair, and a little kid. We had to stand about 15 feet away from him, and once he read the question, we would walk up to him and tell him our answer.

First question - what species is Chewbacca? Everyone but the little kid knew it was Wookiee. He got the 2004 Hoth Luke though, he said before that he wanted it.

Second question - what creatures do the Rebels ride on Hoth? Easy, tauntauns.

Third question - whose arm is lying on the floor of the cantina after Ben Kenobi cuts it off? This was also easy, Ponda Baba. Long-hair guy said Dr. Evazan, and bald guy didn't say anything. So I won! I got to pick out a figure from the selection first, so I got another 2003 Snowtrooper for dioramas. Then he decided to ask me more questions, just to see how far I could go.

Next - in what scene of the original trilogy could a home ice cream maker be seen? Of course, in the Bespin escape scene, Willrow Hood is holding it!

What are the last words spoken on Darth Vader's flagship, the Executor? I didn't know, but it was "Too late!"

After that, I talked with him about SW and his collection. It was really fun, he was really nice. He's going to Park Meadows Mall soon, so anyone nearthere should go! At one contest he said there were sixty people!