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Well, nothing really really new out there. I have found the OTC Jawas at Louisville Super Target, and the new Walmart and OTC biker scouts at Super Target but not the figs I am looking for. I have yet to find Lobot, or the Cloud Car pilots. I would only need one Lobot, but I need six CC pilots. I have two vintage cloud cars that could use some pilots and with another CC possible on the horizon, I might as well stock up. But I haven't found one pilot yet. Any of you guys finding these on pegs anywhere???
I've seen Lobot and the gang from once or twice, at the Wal-Mart in Lafayette (on South Boulder Road). Apparently they also restocked with the Wicket wave which may or may not have had Lobot and the CCP in it. That store sucks so badly since they can hardly keep their crap in the store long enough for people to actually find it, then they don't get any new stuff for weeks on end.

I haven't gotten THX-1138, I want to rent it before I buy it, to see if it is any good.