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    Re: Suprises are everywhere, in COLORADO!

    I saw the Utapau Shadow Trooper at Greatland Target in Aurora a day ago. I've been out so I've not been able to post it. There was a dozen or so. I'm all about the Clonetroopers, but I couldnt justify spending 12.99 on it. No way! I could customize my own at Hasbro's quality for less than half the price!

    Anyways, I did recieve Gentle Giant's Darth Vader and Yoda Minibusts in the mail the other night! Their products keep getting better and better. Definatly worth getting if you like great Star Wars Collectibles! These are among the best!
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    Yesterday at the Boulder Target I got the Shadow Trooper, so all is well.

    I keep seeing the white clone Evolutions set more, too. The only two figures I need for 2005 are Tarfful and the Wookiee Heavy Gunner, but I'll get the former online and the latter has popped up now and then.

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    FedEx dropped of my Anakin Skywalker LE this morning! And in similar news.....

    My Replica Collection is being featured on this site....
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    I had a great score yesterday at Costco. I went in and found The Star Wars Chronicles by Deborah Fine. This is the Original Edition!!! It was only $89.99. They go for a hell of a lot more online (used, at that).

    I also dropped by Wal-Mart on on Abeline and saw 3 Red Royal Guards on the pegs. And I picked up a single on at Greatland Target a few days ago. These seem to be reappearing. If only Tarkin would do the same.
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    According to "the list" pertaining to the "Seperation of the Twins" Case Assortment, a Tarkin is supposed to be in the case along with red guards and some other odds n ends. Also from what info I have TRU is going to have "Mega Buy" sets with Tarkin/Mon Mothma and Ask Ask/Mon Mothma. I looked yesterday but to no avail. I managed to pick up the new cup set from target (leia, vader, stormtrroper) from the A-Mall target... Thats about it on the SW front
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    Actually it is a blue gurad with the seperation of the twins. Also it does have Tarkin and Meena in it, no Ask AKKKKs
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Woohoo! I found Tarkin today!!!!! AAHHHHahahaha!!! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it you Scalpers!

    Anyways, I found him at Wal-mart on Abeline. He was the only one. They did get the Seperation of the Twins Obi-Wan and Bail figures. They had lots are were only $4.77! Thats a LOT better deal on exclusives than Target sells. Thats why I'm boycotting Target Exclusives.
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    I made a pretty good haul for my birthday yesterday, including the Separation of the Twins figures and the TIE Fighter, among other things.

    The Lafayette WM, of all places, had several Twins figures today, along with some Tarkins, red guards, and the others from this case.

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    no tarkin for me yet. but i did get my vader bust from UPS today. he looks great. i'm a little surprised by the length of his lightsaber though.

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    I recently recieved a lot of Celebration III signed photos. There were some I was able to get online in a set for an awesome price! In the set I got Kenny Baker, Leanna Walsman, Richard LeParmiter, Barry Holland, Michael Sheard, Orli Shoshan, Sandi Finlay, Ralph Brown, Jay Lagia-- (however you spell it), Christine Hewitt, and Caroline Blankiston.
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