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    Hey Jay, mine just shipped today.

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    i have it on pre-order but haven't heard anything about shipping yet.

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    The Walmart in Superior had the whole Mos Eisley wave as of 7:00 tonight according to my wife. Thanks to JabbaJohn I already have a set. Hopefully I will find the Hunt for Grevious tomorrow if there are any left.
    "Not again, Obi Wan is going to kill me."

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    Finally found some mos eisley figures today, at the new super wal mart on 33rd and tower, got a momow, luke, r5, and guarindin. they also had a han and a few vaders, as well as a couple chewey unleashed. so still missing ha, denizin, and the sandtrooper.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    Still looking for Momaw Nadon and R5. Found everybody else though including the illusive Bespin Vader.

    My Boba Statue ships out this week!
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Boba Fett

    I got my Boba on Friday. Gentle Giant did a good job on him. I'm still angry with them over the mess of the Stormtrooper mini bust. I made some room on my self this weekend for my Sideshow Greivous. He is so incredible. He is the 8th item that I have received from them, and I have to say that I become more and more pleased with them all of the time. Their first statue of Luke was okay, but everything else has been superb. I love my Darth Maul Bust.

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    got the not so hard to come by unleashed at the wal-mart on 33rd and tower, they still had the same figs as yesterday even the bespin vader.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    got my boba statue today. it looks great. now if i only had more room to display things.

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    Finally found Momaw Nadon and R5 at Wal-Mart. Momaw is an awesome figure! I've always been a fan of his figures anyway -they always turn out great!

    I got the Exclusive 4th of July ROTS poster in the mail yesterday from Its awesome! My Boba Fett Statue is on the way also.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Hunt for Greivous

    If anyone stumbles on Hunt for Greivous at TRU, will you let me know. Amazon has now canled my order because TRU is not playing nicely and leaving collectors out in the cold.


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