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    Endor Wave

    If you're interested in picking up this wave, check out Wal-mart today. I hit 2 Wal-marts this morning and found the entire wave at each one. It looks like both had atleast 3 cases worth. Cody is also packed in this case if you're still looking for him.

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    Hello Everyone! Just got back from my trip to South Dakota! Found some good stuff while I was away. I picked up Moff Jerjerrod and the Death Star Gunner at a ShopKo in Souix Falls. Its an awesome wave! The Emperor is worth passing on but the others are homeruns*!

    I'm sending out items in the mail to Terence Stamp and Clive Revill to be signed. Wish me luck on those.

    ces, are you ordering the Sideshow Premium Format Boba Fett? I probably will -it looks sweet!

    *I did pass on Chief Chirpa -hes an awesome figure but very small and not worth the $7.99 ShopKo wanted for their figures.
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    I already ordered the Boba Fett on the day he went up for pre-sale. He looks incredible. So far I have been very pleased with all the Sidehow products.
    As for the Chief Chirpa, I agree that he is very smll. I think the earlier Wicket is now out of scale. I'm surprised that he was not placed in with another figure.

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    I got the Premuim Format Boba Fett on preorder today. had a great preorder price -so I went with them.

    I recieved a photo back SIGNED from Julian Glover (General Veers) today. I came inscribed and everything!
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    nothing new in stores... after seeing pics from SDCC have put several items on pre-oreder.

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    Got My George Lucas in Stormtrooper disguise in the mail yesterday. Thankfully it wasn't damaged like some had reported, mild scuffing is about all the damage that occured to mine. depending on how long ago you sent in for the fig, start checking your mail boxes, The Black Hole Trooper from should be showing up here soon too. I mised out on the SDCC exclusive 501st trooper, i was at work when they went live, so that kind of sucks. Nothhing new in stores to report, still need the sand trooper and the entire endor wave.
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    PM sent vt.

    I also recieved my George Trooper as well. My box came a little smashed but was mint on the inside. ? -Anyways he's a great figure! Much better looking in person.
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    I finally recieved my R2-D2 Cookie Jar after 6 months of delays. It was made by Cards Inc. in England. Its hand painted and awesome looking!
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    R2 Cookie Jar

    So Jay, was it suppose to take 6 months, or were they just slow?


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