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    Recieved another Sealed box of SW Evolution cards. Only pulled a Biggs Auto card. Already have 2 of them but better than pulling nothing.

    Also recieved Master Replicas scaled Darth Vader ROTS lightsaber. I'm gonna do a display of Vader's scaled ESB, ROTS and eventually ROTJ scaled sabers to go next to my ANH LE. Show the evolution of Vader's weapon.
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    put slave leia on pre-order today.

    in non-SW toy news, finally spotted the evolution of evil michael myers 2 pack at spencer's. and picked up the flannel shirt edition of my name is earl from bestbuy.

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    I was tempted to the Flannel Shirt season of My Name is Earl also Darth Jax. I'm cutting down on the DVDs I'll but this one looks like a winner.

    Jason Lee rules!
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    Today, the Westminster TRU had 16 Clone Wars Gunships (finally!), three AT-ATs, about six or seven TIE Fighters, and many X-wings. They had a big display near the front with most of the new stuff with some of it in the regular SW section. The AT-ATs were all on top of the shelf and I pulled one down to look at it; everything looks pretty awesome but I didn't have enough money for anything. Just those alone are $225, and then there's Target's exclusives and the rest of the stuff . . .

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    Got my 501st in the mail yesterday (be ecxited!) With all the issues people have with shipping damage from HTS, My toys always show up in perfect condition, and the 501st is no exception. Good ol' getting exclusives without actually having to go to the convention, heh heh heh, stickin it to the man, I guess. Well it's school time, hurray!
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    I agree with you MrHat. I have gotten a ton of stuff from Hasbro and not had any problem with the packaging. I guess some people are either pickier than I am or they just like to complain. My Qui-Gon is scheduled to arrive today from sideshow. There has been a ton of Star Wars product for this year.

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    I hear that ces! 2006 is 3/4 over and has done a number on me!

    Got back my photo from Terence Stamp (Chancellor Valorum) yesterday. It came back unsigned with all the envelope contents included and a note saying that Terence does not sign Star Wars items. But, I did get my photo and return shipping back.

    I did send out to Michael (Bib Fortuna) Carter today!
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    I received my 501st Stormtrooper about a week ago, and I buckled and got the Mos Eisley Han figure as well. Today, at the Fort Morgan WM, I got the Endor Vader and white Rebel Trooper figures, but they didn't have anything else new.

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    Picked up the white Endor Trooper. I was gonna pick up Vader too but then I realized that he doesnt come with the extra skull head and that the price on standard figures has gone up. Since I'm through playing games with Hasbro -I passed on the others.

    Recieved 12 packs of SW Evolution cards -no auto cards unfortunatly.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Two dsya ago at the Lafayette WM, I got the Naboo "Long Arms" Soldier. They had two white Endor Troopers as well and nothing else new. Word to the wise: if you're not a completist, I'd avoid the Naboo Soldier.


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