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    I think it is the same person at multiple stores who is doing this. I found the same clone switch at 4 targets (including the Westminster) and 2 Wal-marts. I'm still waiting on Fed-Ex. My stuff was suppose to arrive the day of the blizzard and are just sitting at their warehouse. I went to try to get them and they told me they were too back logged to help me out. I despise Fed-Ex. I wish shop star wars would use another shipper. I had similar problems with Fed-Ex with Sideshow. When I complained, sideshow switch my stuff over to UPS which has been much better.

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    I've seen the Clone switch once. I found a bunch of Clone Troopers at Target all of them white. I figured Hasbro was doing an ol figure-swap. Whomever is doing it does a good job of repacking. Seems like too much effort to steal figures.

    Anyways, I recieced my Clone Wars Grey Delisle (Padme) signed photo in the mail today! She wrote "Jay- Best Wishes! Grey Delisle"
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    i'm in the same situation ces with a shipment from UPS. was initially supposed to be delivered on the 21st (if that was thursday), but then with the snow it's still sitting in the warehouse and UPS hasn't given me any update on when i can expect to see it since they updated that it arrived in commerce city on the 23rd. oh well, someday i'll get my clone commando set.

    made it back to colorado just in time for more snow if you believe the forecast.

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    The snow storms have indeed thrown the shipping off. I had 2 packages expected on Dec. 19th and didnt arrive until yesterday a week later.
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    I forgot to add, but a few days ago, I got the Modal Nodes tin set at the Westminster Wal-Mart. There were quite a few left. The tin sets there are in a few different areas near the regular SW section, so it may take a bit of looking.

    Today I got the ESB and ROTJ tin sets at TRU. I still need the ROTS one and I'll be set.

    It really seems like nobody wants to restock their SW stuff . . .

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    I have a feeling the tin sets will hit clearence. They're just sittin around everywhere. I've seen them all in plenty.

    Its clearence time anyways for stores (definatly not TRU*). We should see NEW stuff hitting by mid-January.

    *TRU is cheap, cheap, cheap! They're still selling stuff at full price that came out years ago.
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    I found the ROTS tin set today at the Westminster WM along with the Darth Vader and Rebel Officer Comic Pack. There was a pack left after I got mine.

    The Arvada Target was resetting and had absolutely no SW stuff. The Broomfield Target was well-stocked with older stuff, including Greatest Battles Padmés for under $3. They also had pegs for the Comic Packs, and many of the TAC lightsabers.

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    I'm really looking for that battle Droid 2-pack.
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    plenty of the newish galactic heroes on the pegs. found all 3 new comic packs. still haven't seen the last of tsc waves.

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    It's been a while since i posted in here, then again, it has been quite a while since I have really found anything. Got the comic packs at Commerce City Wal-Mart, thats about it on the SW front, woo... I know it's a few months away, but anyone making plans for Starfest 07'? This time around, I am trying to go for the full experience (meaning all 3 days, hotel room, a couple of friends, etc...) Starland needs to hurry up an announce the dates and some guests (come on a good SW guest, or Bruce Cambell, c'mon!) anyway, that's it for now.
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