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    I plan on going to StarFest as I was assured there would be guests from Star wars this year. But concrete plans are still up in the air.

    I recieved a few Vintage SW figures in the mail. Havnt seen anything new in stores. BUT! I did find General Windu's Squadron Battlepackat Target for only $4.98! It was the only one I could find unfortunatly.
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    More stores have been resetting, and thankfully, they all seem to actually be expanding their SW sections! The Lafayette WM had all of the comic packs yesterday, and I got the Tarkin/Stormtrooper one. It had restocked with more figures, but they were older ones. They had space for lots of figures, as well as vehicles, lightsabers, Battlepacks and comic packs, and the rest of the Titanium/Attacktix stuff they'd already been stocking. That store hasn't had vehicles or multipacks in a non-movie year since some time before AOTC, so it was pretty cool to see them there.

    The Flatirons WM also had a similar display, with all the figures in a different aisle, but they only had a few Padmés. All the Targets have also been changing around. I still haven't seen any Wave 8 figures.
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    got my animated vader today after waiting for 2 weeks for ups to deliver him.

    haven't seen anything new on the shelves aside from the comic packs.

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    I'm still waiting for a shipment of the new figures from Entertainment Earth. It shipped on 12/12/06 and I have still not received it. I'm beginning to think it was miss delivered or lost.

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    My Greivous and Maul Minibusts have shipped out from NewForce. For some reason they shipped them seperatly instead of together. They are supposed to be shipping the Death Star Briefing Room this next week also.

    I did recieve my Ian McDiarmid signed photo in the mail from OfficialPix! It was a little pricey but thankfully I still have 1 kidney left.
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    got my grievous bust today. maul will be arriving next week.

    can't believe the detail on the grievous bust, he looks like if you sneezed on him he'll fall apart. lots of very thin, easily breaking pieces here.

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    It does look very fragile. Definatly have to be very careful with this one.
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    Found a few of the repack figs at Target by A-Mall this morning, Battle Droids, Episode 2 CLone Trooper Seargant (with ESB Base), and the 442nd Seige Battalion Clone from E3. Looks like some dates are being announced soon for Starfest, and they are trying to get some good guests though most of the really "famous" ones are a bit on the pricey side, apparently, well that's according to Starland website, still keeping my fingers crossed for a SW guest of some merit (Like Billy Dee Williams from a few years back)
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    I hear that mrhat! I dont mind a more pricey SW guest as they tend to please more. I'm really pushing for Anthony Daniels, Carrie Fisher, Hamill or Wayne Pygram.
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    Still havnt found anything new. Gonna be placing an order with OfficialPix soon.

    Anybody plan on going to Celebration IV??? ces? Darth Jax?
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