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    Yeah I'm bummed about the lack of knee articulation. I can see Hasbro saved a lot of $ but not having it. I guess I'll have to make a briefing table higher off the ground to make it seem like their sitting!

    I should be getting my Michael Pennington signed photo any day now.
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    Yesterday, I FINALLY found a new figure from wave 8. At the Broomfield Target, they had three Fifth Fleet Security Clone Troopers, and I got one. They also had a Kit Fisto and newish Chewbacca.

    Also, about a week ago, I got a 2005 Vulture Droid (the green/brown version, which I didn't yet have) at the Lafayette WM for $3. They also had the green and blue clone packs for the same price, and Zett, Yoda, and Utapaun Warrior figures for an unknown price, all on the endcap right next to the figures. That was a nice little surprise.

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    Battle Packs

    If anyone is looking, Superior Super Target set their Star Wars endcap and put out the Ilum and Felucia sets. They had many of each as of last night. I only got one of each, but I think the sets are pretty nice.
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    I picked up the two Target battle packs at the Parker Target last evening. They also had them all on an endcap. They had a ton of the Felucia sets left, but only three Ilum sets.

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    I got more of Wave 8 at the Broomfield Target today, leaving just the green ROTS clone out of my possession. They still had one each of Maul, Kit, Chewie, and R5-J2.

    They also had six Felucia Battlepacks, but it looked like they had been tampered with; every single clone in all six of the Battlepacks was Commander Bly (most of them had their visors turned backwards). I know they all look similar, but there are obvious telltale signs that these were the wrong figures.

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    I saw the new Battle Packs at a Target in Parker. I didnt get them (yet) but may ending getting them anyways becaus I want those droids in the Illum pack and the Clone Troopers in the Felucia pack.

    I sent out a TTM to Dalyn Chew (Lynn Me) today. Getting another one ready for Lorne Peterson.
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    THat's the main reason I got them. I was very disappointed in the Padme' figure. I was really looking forward to her, but she didn't come out that great.

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    Yeah, the Padme turned out pretty crappy.

    Anyways, I'm opening up my Death Star Briefing Room set now. Really great set too! The obscure officers are my favorite. Cass, Yularen, Tagge and Bast are sweet!
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    Yesterday at the Superior Super Target, I got the last Ilum and "real" Felucia Battlepacks. Aside from the one I got, there were three packs in which the new clones had all been replaced by the Evolutions ones, resulting in packs each with one Bly and three Evolutions troopers. This is such total crap.


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