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    That stinks Jabba, but I think I have an idea who it is. I have been working at the Superior Target for a while and have found packs with the same problem. Unfortunately I was not taken seriously when I brought to light the swaps. I will just say that hopefully I can start a little investigation...
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    It makes me so mad that jerks do that. It's just a bunch of garbage that people even think to do that.

    I got my Real Action Hero Stormtrooper from shop.starwrs last evening.

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    Got my RAH Stormie yesterday, too! See my post/review under Medicom. Don't you just love it!
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    The Felucia sets I saw at a Parker Target contained if I'm not mistaken: Aayla, Bly, 1 Evolutions Clone, 2 Standard yellow Clones. Thats the way it should be yes?

    I'm waiting on a package from OfficialPix. Getting some more requests ready!
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    That sounds correct Jayspawn. What Mr. Wonderful did at the Superior Super Target was to buy several sets to get the two "new troops" and took the evolutions troops out of each set to fill in the gaps. So, there are three packs there with three troops w/removeable helmets. I hate that swapping junk.
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    I'll be checking out the Felucia pack I buy for sure.

    The Tantive IV Battlepack should be interesting too -we'll see what those thieves do then.
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    Cool, Dark Marble! If you see the guy doing it again, you should try and stop him; I bet most of the other employees don't realize what he's doing (they look legit until you get close) so he won't expect it. It's probably the same person doing it at the other stores (I've seen similar stuff at the Broomfield and Westminster Targets and the Broomfield Kmart). I don't know if this really counts as stealing according to the law but it's certainly as bad.

    It seems to only be happening with clones, at least from what I've seen. Hopefully it won't be happening with vehicles, as there's no way to tell on those.
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    Well putting this unpleasent repacking business aside, StarFest has (finally) gotten an official date and location, get ready for it... Marrito DTC (Oh Really?) and will be held April 20th-23rd (not the last weekend in April this year, hmmm...) Convention Rate Rooms are $83+Tax, up slightly from last year. Ticket prices have not been announced and the tickets arient availible as of now, but soon, I am sure. Now lets cross our fingers and hope for some good guests this time around, and that news should be trickling in for the next 3 months, as I anxously await StarFest, and the many, many things I hope to see there. In non SW news, finally found a Friday the 13th 3-d McFarline poster at Spencers yesterday.
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    A couple of new finds today at Wal-Mart on Abeline in Aurora. Picked up Yarael Poof, Kitik, R4-K5 (Vader's Droid), and R4-M6 (Mace's droid). They also had Nabrun Leids & Kabe, Combat Enguineer Clone Trooper (sweet figure BTW) Elite Corps Clone Trooper and Arena Padme. No sign of Labria, Super Battle droid, battle Droids 2-pack or Aurra Sing.

    They also had the Dagobah and Geonosis Arena Battle Packs.

    I got back my autograph package from Kenny Baker yesterday. He signed the photo and trading card I had sent.
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    I found the regular wave 9 at 2 wal-marts today. No sign of the exclusive figures. Picked up the entire new wave. Would like to get a few more elite troopers.


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