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    Cant wait to get mine!

    StarLand finally announced 2 Star Wars guests for StarFest! Ray Park and Daniel Logan will be attending! Finally, SL is starting to win back my confidence.
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    Today at the Westminster TRU, they had a lot of TAC stuff, but none of the figures. This was the first time I've seen the small-winged white TIE Fighter but I didn't get it yet. They also had two Dagobah X-wings, if anyone missed out on those.

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    I seem to be striking out right and left looking for the Tantive IV battlepack. Think I'm gonna give it a rest and wait till I accidently run into it.

    Havnt found any 30th Ann figures either.

    Now that there are SW Guests attending StarFest -I'm going! Anybody else?
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    I've only seen the Tantive IV Battlepack once a few weeks ago, and thankfully I got it. The Broomfield Target had an endcap full of the Felucia and Ilum packs, but no more of the Tantive IV.

    I'll be going to a bunch of different stores this Friday, so hopefully I'll finally be able to get some TAC figures. Also, I'm not going to Starfest, but of course I'm going to CIV.

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    Got a TTM back from Lorne Peterson yesterday. He signed a photo of the Millennium Falcon I sent him.
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    Any good places around...

    Does any one know of any good place to find loose vintage Star Wars figures? I am starting a collection and wondered if there are any good local shops between Boulder and Denver. Every now and then a little shop seems to pop up that sells old toys, but I don't venture to far from Boulder and I haven't seen any in a while. Any suggestions or experiences would be great!!
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    Jay, did you find the Tantive set yet? I have seen it at multiple Targets this week. I have seen the new unleashed mini sets. Still no sign of the new figures. I just ordered a few off hasbro's site.

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    I STILL havnt found it yet!!!

    BUT! I did find the 30th Ann figures at Greatland Target last night! I picked up the Super Battle Droid and Airborne Trooper. Unfortunatly there was NO Galactic Marine whch is what I really wanted. But at least they are out! I'm gonna drop by a Target this morning and look for that battlepack!

    Dark Marble, I collect Vintage figures! Almost have a complete set too. Unfortunatly, nobody really carries them. I've found some at odd antique shops around here and there. I know Mile High Comics Mega Store in Thornton (havnt been there in a while -but I'm planning a trip) has carried LOTS of them in the past. But not sure of recent. I get most of my Vintage stuff online -which is really hard because you cant inspect it for repos until you get it.
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    Yesterday, I got Obi-Wan, Mace, and R2-D2 at the Broomfield Kmart. I also went to a few other stores yesterday and today (including the new Sears Grand off Highway 7), and there were no more new figures. I've been seeing the new vehicles more, as well as the TAC Unleashed Battlepacks.

    Also, at the Lafayette WM a few days ago, someone had pulled another switcheroo: this time, in the ROTS Tin set, the Evolutions Anakin was replaced by the basic ROTS one and the AT-RT Driver was replaced by the ROTS Palpatine.

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    WOOHOO! I made an unscheduled stop at TRU today and found the Tantive IV Battlepack! Havnt had a chance to open it yet but I'm excited.

    I should be getting my Plo Koon Minibust and C-3PO/Jawa Maquette tomorrow.

    Apparently my Jedi Luke Bust and Obi-Wan in Clone Trooper Statue should be shipping this next week also.
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