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Dark Marble, I collect Vintage figures! Almost have a complete set too. Unfortunatly, nobody really carries them. I've found some at odd antique shops around here and there. I know Mile High Comics Mega Store in Thornton (havnt been there in a while -but I'm planning a trip) has carried LOTS of them in the past. But not sure of recent. I get most of my Vintage stuff online -which is really hard because you cant inspect it for repos until you get it.

This is one of the problems I am hoping to avoid. I am hoping to get a set of figures that are originals with original gear and not knock offs. Many of the sellers on ebay take blurry pictures of their figures so you can't see the condition or the wepons they have. It is really lame. But thank you for the info, I have been out to Mile High in years. Maybe I will pay them a visit.