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    I found Treachery at Saleucami at Wal-Mart this last week but somebody had replaced one of the troopers with a Mace Windu! They even replaced the weapons with Mace's lightsaber and returned it. I brought it to customer service and reported it as a theft item.

    If you're reading this you thief -I'm on to you!

    decadentdave, I've seen those 2 figures a few times. I'll keep an eye out for them for ya.
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    I picked up the Wal-mart exclusive wave about a month ago. I heard that the Wal-mart on Parker and Chambers put some out about a week or two ago, but haven't seen any sign of them since.

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    Two days ago, I got more of wave 1 at the Broomfield Target, so I now have all of them except for the Stormtrooper. Today at the Westminster Target, I got the coin album with Vader and they still had two left along with a few TAC figures.

    The Westminster WM had a Lushros Dofine . . . but the figure and accessories were gone. Someone had made a huge slice in the bubble and taken everything out except for the hologram. What a joke.

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    I've noticed that Star Wars items are on sle at Target this week. I wonder if they'll make any attempt at putting out anything new or just try to clear out the old pegwarmers.

    I recieved a GREAT looking Christopher Lee signed AOTC photo in the mail. This is my 2nd signed Lee item so I'm pretty stoked.

    Should be getting my Jedi Luke Bust and Obi-Wan Statue in the next day or so.
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    My Premium Format Boba Fett has apparently charged and is shipping in the next few days.

    I found the Order 66 packs at Super Target by Aurora Mall. They are located in front of the registers in the front NOT the toy asile. The best looking one os the Vader set -the others I can do without. But they're only $9.99.

    Should be getting a Gentle Giant delivery tomorrow!

    I picked up the Lord Voldemort figure from Spencers at Aurora Mall. Another great one from NECA!
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    I got two of the Order 66 packs today at the Boulder Target. They had no more Yodas, only one Vader (in the regular aisle), and very few Anakins, but plenty of the others.

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    It's had a pretty good week with Star Wars collecting. I got my Life Size Yoda bust from Sideshow. I got my Han on Tauntaun statue from GG. I got the 3 new Star Wars Transformers from Hasbro (Mace, Saesee Tiin, Gun ship), I picked up all 6 of the Order 66 packs. Now I just need Wave 2 of TAC, Sith Infiltrator, and V-wing.
    I'm sad that I can't make it to the Star Wars Convention. I mainly only want to go to get the Figure though, so I guess I will just have to cough up the dough for Wepay on that one. It looks like Hasbro is only releasing it at the two conventions. I do thing this is much more fair than last time when anyone could get it. More like when they did the George Lucas figure. Only problem is; I think this is by far the coolest exclusive to date.

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    I had a good week also ces. Here's what I recieved...

    - Premium Format Boba Fett figure from Sideshow
    - Obi-Wan in Clonetrooper Armor from Gentle Giant
    - Jedi Luke Skywalker Minibust from Gentle Giant
    - OfficialPix 11x14 Theatrewide of Sith Eyes Anakin signed by Hayden Christensen
    - OfficialPix 8x10 signed by Mark Hamill
    - TTM photo card signed by Colin Higgins (Wedge Antillies)
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    Though the Broomfield and Westminster Targets turned up empty, the Superior one had restocked with several of each Order 66 2-packs today so I got Yoda and Vader (still gonna get Obi-Wan later). Last weekend, they only had one Yoda pack, and the clone had been switched out with an Aayla Secura.

    I'm seeing the TAC vehicles more lately (including the AAT and Hailfire Droid, which I got for Christmas and haven't seen since) but no sign of the V-wing or Infiltrator yet.

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    Found the new figures Biggs, Han, Luke, DS Trooper and Rebel Honor Guard at Greatland Target in Aurora. NO Concept Boba Fett unfortunatly. I did pick up Biggs and the DS Trooper. The rest are passible.

    Has anyone found the Concept McStormtrooper yet? Its driving me nuts!
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