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    Woohoo! Picked up a McChewy today at TRU. Also got the Stormtrooper (they had several). The Chewy is bigger than I thought. The Stormtrooper is cool too. Good articulation but his legs are pretty much stuck in standing still position. The removable helmet is nice.

    Should be getting my Roron Corob Maquette and Slave Leia Statue this next week from NewForce.

    Still on the lookout for Topps 30th Ann cards. No sign in town yet.
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    Pretty good mail day for me. Recieved a sealed box of Topps SW Evolution Update Edition cards. Pulled a Zach Jensen (Kit Fisto) autograph card -already have one.

    Also got Diamond Selects Classic USS Enterprise. Pretty cool toy too! Great lightup ande sound effects.

    Sould be getting Gentle Giant and Sideshow shipments this next week -so pretty excited about that too!
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Picked up Jawa and Tattoine Biggs at Target by A-Mall. They were sitting on top of some lightsabers with a luke and wave 3 vader next to them... , and of course, NO McChewie or McBoba!!!!! Need those things to complete waves 2 and 3...
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    I got wave 3 Luke and Biggs a few days ago and I picked up the Legends Battle Droids and AOTC and ROTS Clones from the Boulder Target. They had several of the other Legends figures (but no more droids), if anyone wants them.

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    Woohoo! My Roron Corobb Maquette and Darth Maul Double FX showed up this morning!
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    Both the Boulder and Superior Targets have gotten in more of the last few TSC waves, including more camoflague droids and clones. On my recent trip to Omaga I hit several stores but found nothing. So many WMs don't even have any TAC figures yet!

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    I got the red Tusken/Bantha variant at the Westminster TRU today. It was the only Bantha on the shelf. I was very surprised as I thought I would never find this one at retail. It is nice but $45 is a little pricey.
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    Hey all, I have been busy with work so I haven't posted in a while. I got my slave Leia, Roran, and Obi from Gentle Giant. Very nice on all 3. I haven't really seen much at the stores worth reporting. I am all caught up except for the shocktropper. I'm sure new waves will be out soon.

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    I got two more AOTC clones at the Boulder Target yesterday, which had several more Legends figures but no Grievous, Battle Droids, or AOTC clones (after I left).

    I still haven't found the McQuarrie Stormtrooper or Chewie or the Jawa. Thanks to Dark Marble I got the Fett; that figure is awesome!

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    A bunch of things going on with me....

    -Sent out autograph packages to Corey Burton (Count Dooku in Clone Wars) and Garrick Hagon (Biggs Darklighter).

    -Picked up Saga Legends Grievous and opened him.

    -Bit the bullet and purchased a Master Replicas Darth Vader ROTS Helmet Replica. Yeah, its comming!

    -Got my SDCC Shadow Stormtrooper scaled helmet replica on preorder.

    -Recieved my 12" Plo Koon from Sideshow! Woohoo! F'n awesome!

    -Should be getting my Ben Kenobi Minibust from GG anyday now.
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