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    it is wierd, the one i got was the only one i saw there all day, maybe they fluked, and there are probobly lots o good E2 toys back there, but they read the release date, and just put out the fighter, maybe if a clueless employee were to be asked, they might just pull them out for you, hmm...
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    I think that this is why Wal-Mart has had more items slipping out, Wal-mart eployees seem to be a little slower on the uptake when compared to other stores. I do have to admit that I am biased because I have had so many negative interactions with Wal-mart employees. A few weeks ago I was verbally accosted by a manager just becuase I was an adult in the toy section.

    (As a side note, never wear a denim shirt to TRUs. You will be swarmed with questions by little kids and Hot Wheel hunters.)

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    I have to agree about Wal-Mart. It is the single worst shopping experience you can get out of a large chain store. I have had some assinine experiences with emplyees myself (although I'm sure there are, nice, bright people that work in there somewhere... probably in the towells or someplace that I never shop). My biggest beef with the store, however is the amount of bins plugging the isles. Walking through Wal-Mart is an exercise in not accidentally knocking over old ladies, or getting run over by somebody in an electric cart. There just isn't enough room to move. It's not worth the 10 I save on every purchase to shop there. A little off-topic, but Wal-Mart just brings out the anger in me. Grrrrr...

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    Angry Walmart Bad Other Stores Good

    I agrre with all of the negative feedback on Walmart. While occasionaly you may find a rare figure or sneak preview toy before others it is still one of the worst stores for exclusives....
    I mean I know that two of the coolest ships willbe there exclusives but that also means few if any product. I don't even remember seeing any of the store exclusives on the shelfs.
    I just finally got both of the holographic figures from ebay. It looks like i am most likely going to have to buy the TIE Bomber and Hoth Peril sets from ebay as well.
    Don't get me wrong I have nothing against ebay but just for once I would like to go into the store and find the exclusives on the shelfs. So far the only store that I have been to find exclusives on is Toys R Us.
    If this trend of store exclusives continues the stores themselves might as well take stock in ebay. I still have yet to find a reasonable priced Skiff or Y-Wing.
    Store exclusives while great for the collectible markt are frustrating to the consumer. I feel that if a store is going to carry an exclusive ship or figure the store should order enough so the supply doesn't run out after five minutes and stores should limit the number on buyer can purchase.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    what i don't like about walmart is its Style. . .

    . . .target's kinda cool, k-mart's cheesy and knows it, but whenever i walks into a wm it always feels like the median iq of the people around me has dropped almost as much as the oppressive jingoistic vibe in the air has risen
    has the following been reported here yet? park meadows tru had a buncha atst/spdrbk/paploo sets as of yesterday-

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    Target is the best place to get Exclusives, at least in recent years, they have a relitivly good amount of that product (although that y-wing i never found, had to but loose at a show) TRU, i NEVER see their STAR WARS Exclusives, and Wal-Mart, is well, like the one stop shop for everyone and their mothers, i cannot believe the looks i get in the toy asile for being a 17 year old, and searching their asiles for that hidden treasure that never seems to be there. K-Mart, i live right by one, i swear it is like the Wal-Mart of Montbello, it is swarmed every time, however i have had some good finds there. Deluxe, Dirty Scout, etc... Too bad they will probobly never have an exclusive due to its bankrupcy
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    Toys'R'Us on Mississippi has TONS of the Episode II Preview figures and a lot of AT-Sts for those who still need them.
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    HEY, for once thaty have TONS of stock for Not a Ton of money!
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man

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    OK, I checked up on TRU's stock and some wise guy scalped all the Clonetroopers. Either that or they are just popular with everybody. I picked up a Zam to open.
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    Those things seem to be popular, TOO popular if you ask me. But i am sure they will end up on All C's Hooks.
    "I assume my reputation for arrogant presumption precedes me"-Area man


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